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Monday, 8 January 2018

House Spring Cleaning Hacks That Are Best to Try

Singapore is an official Island country renowned for the most lavish hotel chains and as a party paradise. This country never sleeps and has the liveliest culture that you’ll ever get to experience anywhere else in the world. Apart from all these factors, if you ever get to visit here, don’t miss a chance to try their different cuisines which defines the true taste of Singapore.

Other than this, Singapore is also recognized for its house & office spring cleaning methods. Here, people are quite conscious about their hygiene & health which makes this place of the cleanest countries in the world.

What’s the concept of spring cleaning?
Spring is one season when there’s dense moisture in the air. It somehow affects the dryness or freshness of home, offices or even enters your clothes. In order to get rid of it, spring cleaning becomes the only option left.

Basically, the purpose of spring cleaning is to bring a fresh vibe to your working or living place. And when it comes to bringing freshness nothing can be better than using lemon which is a high source of citric acid. Apart from lemon, there are countless other options to get rid of that stinky moisture in the air.

If you have never done that before or about to start with your spring cleaning then here are few hacks that may help you get done with it perfectly in a smart way. Check out the list and start the cleaning process now-

1. Clean different sections- Don’t rush all your cleaning activities at the same time. This could lead you nowhere. Make sure to start with small sections. Keep some targets in your mind. One day, go for cleaning the living area thoroughly and then the next start with another section of your home. The same rules apply for your office spring cleaning as well. Rushing things will make your schedule hectic and won’t even let you have a complete cleaning. Apart from this, if you continue the cleaning process for long, it makes the results long-lasting & let that freshness stay for long in your every section of the home.

2. Lemon-
As we discussed it above as well, lemon is a great and easily available source of fresh citric acid. This acid is not just good for your health, skin but also for cleaning purposes as well. Right from getting back that spark of your copper utensils to removing the stubborn stain on the furniture, a small slice of lemon can give you all. Just like any other section of the home, the moisture of spring season leaves a great impact on different kitchen equipment as well including- oven or microwaves. If you ever get to witness a stinky smell in your oven, then all you need is to place some fresh peels of orange and a half cut lemon slice. After this, just switch on the oven on microwave mode for good 1 minute. This will eradicate the smell and will leave your oven cum microwave with a fresh tangy fragrance for long.

3. Go organic-
Instead of using any ready-made toxic cleansers, it is good to go with either organic cleansers or the home-made ones. You can always make a home-made cleaner with the help of some orange peel, juice, lemon drops, baking soda/ powder, salt and some vinegar. Usually, all these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen and having a right proportion of the all, you can make yourself a great cleanser which can give you effective results. And the best part about is it won’t affect or damage any of your belongings.

4. Sanitizer is a must- If you have a cute little munchkin at your home then using a skin-friendly sanitizer become a must option to keep. Clean the baby products or toys with the sanitizer regularly so that you ensure a better safety for your baby. Usually, the moisture brings a thick layer of bacteria with it which of course is harmful, especially for your baby. To eradicate it, having a sanitizer is always better.

5. Use rubber gloves- Having a pet at your home can let you witness hair at every corner of the house. This hair won’t disturb you but when it comes to cooking or dining with your family, it you may get to taste few of them. To make sure you don’t experience any such thing, it is must to have a rubber glove which can gather all the hair or other dirt particles easily.

6. Change toiletries- Just to be a bit more hygiene conscious change your toiletries after every 6 months. This brings a new change in your toilet.

7. Bathroom deep cleaning- Proper cleaning of toilet seat should be done after every 15 days. It is important to eradicate those yellow marks around the toilet seats which turn the seat pale after a certain time. Make sure to go for cleaning it a blend of toilet cleaner and some vinegar to obtain the best results.

8. Use newspapers for cleaning-
In order to make your windows crystal clear clean, go for rubbing them properly with wet newspapers. It is best to obtain perfect results without doing much. Just spray some liquid cleaner on the windows and swipe a dry newspaper over them, this is enough to thoroughly clean your windows or even doors.

9. Use salt for equipment- When it comes to removing those hard stains on iron, oven, or any other kitchen equipment, nothing works perfectly. In such cases, do nothing but use salt and some vinegar. Make a scrub kind of consistency of these two ingredients and scrub whichever kitchen equipment you want to be cleaned. If you do not have vinegar at your home then using lemon juice as its substitute is the best option to have.

Cleaning is about making your home look & feel fresh again, so it should not be tiresome anyhow. To make it a fun, try to go for some innovative, effective yet simple ideas which do not let the moisture come & stay again. Temporary and ordinary cleaning methods may give you instant results but then there are chances of moisture coming again and irritating you for long.

The bottom line
No matter in which corner of the world you live, cleaning your surrounding is something that becomes a necessity just to live a better lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, people from Singapore are a bit more conscious about hygiene. And which is why, office spring cleaning is more of a bandwagon that everyone follows in this lively country.