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Thursday, 30 August 2018

How to Clean Your Home Without Harsh Chemicals

If you want to have it clean and clean at home, you can stock up in the shop with all kinds of products that promise clinical cleanliness and hygiene. But does that have to be the case? Cleaning without chemicals is possible!

Many of the cleaning agents on sale are made of harsh chemicals that are bad for the skin, the respiratory system and the environment. It gets clean but also with various home remedies, which are far less harmful or not and you certainly already have at home. Cleaning without chemistry is good for you and nature. And another advantage: These cleaning tricks are on the one hand much cheaper than expensive cleaners - and often much easier to use.

Vinegar, citric acid, baking powder, soda and curd soap as well as suitable mechanical cleaning utensils - perhaps a little alcohol. That's all it takes to keep the place tiptop - and hygienically clean.


Black soap: made with potash, it is sold in liquid or paste form. It allows you to clean and degrease everything from floor to ceiling. Big advantage: no need to rinse! Perfect also for the care of the linen. It can be perfumed with essential oils because its smell does not always please. In paste, it removes stains, just let it act a few hours before washing.

The baking soda: this king of the household is biodegradable and nontoxic. Extraordinarily deodorant, it also acts against tartar (even more if it is associated with lemon) and cleans even the most stubborn grease: ideal for the oven, the barbecue, the fryer and the dishwasher. On a damp sponge, it cleans the refrigerator and revives the appliance.

Lemon: powerful disinfectant and antibacterial, it is also antilime and deodorant. You can pour a few drops on a sponge, or use directly half a lemon (associated with baking soda) to get rid of dirt, grease or tartar. In essential oil , superconcentrated, it hunts germs and perfumes even more effectively home!

White vinegar: simple, economical, it is a true antibacterial weapon and the king of the anti-limescale (even more if it is heated, and in this case it must always be diluted). It degreases and shines the faucets, windows and mirrors, softens the laundry and revives its colors. Associated with bicarbonate, it is a formidable off-road cleaner! Only precautions : open the window because its smell stings, and never mix it with bleach.

Cleaning without chemicals with the all-purpose weapon lemon

The lemon is not only healthy - it also has great cleansing properties and smells good. The acid contained in the product fights bacteria and the associated bad odours:

For example, you can easily clean your drain with a toothbrush and a lemon. Unpleasant odours come from bacteria and germs that have settled there due to food residues and warm water:

Scrub the drain grille vigorously with an old toothbrush.
Then place a thick slice of lemon in the drain. Let warm water run over it and bacteria have no chance. Additional benefits: Lime also disappears through citric acid.

Citric acid is also available in powder form, which is very suitable for decalcifying kettles, coffee machines and the like. You can also get rid of burnt items in pots and pans - and in the washing machine it not only decalcifies, but also helps to bleach white laundry and remove stains.

Three tablespoons of citric acid powder for a few hours in the toilet also replaces any expensive toilet cleaner. Simply distribute, leave to work in and scrub later with the toilet brush.

Vinegar makes lime steam

And speaking of lime

Ugly lime stains are on the collar with vinegar! Vinegar essence is best suited. Just soak a cloth and wipe the lime edges. For larger stains, soak some kitchen paper in vinegar, place on the calcified area and let it work, then rinse off. Removable or elongated parts such as faucet strainers or shower heads can be cleaned with a vinegar bath. Simply mix a little vinegar essence with water and put in the calcified part.

Refrigerator and freezer can also be easily cleaned with vinegar. Both are real sources of bacteria. Defrosting time and time again and wiping thoroughly with vinegar keeps the refrigerators hygienic.

Miracle cure baking powder: Clean, bleach and co. with soda
With slightly foamed baking powder and an old toothbrush, grease and dust can be easily removed from surfaces. Lacquered wooden surfaces, such as doors, can thus be made to shine again. But be careful with artfully treated surfaces! Test before at an inconspicuous place!

The oven also removes burnt residues from baking powder: Spray one tablespoon of soda onto one litre of hot water: spray on surfaces, leave to work in and clean off.

Soda is also suitable as a bleaching agent for white laundry - especially for greyish discolourations. Simply soak the laundry in 10 litres of water with 1 or 2 tablespoons of soda and then wash as usual.
Incidentally, special washing soda replaces expensive and environmentally harmful detergent. And you can make it yourself: Simply grate 30 grams of curd soap and bring to the boil with 4 tablespoons of soda. With 150 to 200 ml of washing soda you can wash a load of laundry - but no wool or silk!

Sodium bicarbonate as a bactericide
Sodium bicarbonate is similarly all-purpose: it can be used, for example, to keep the washing machine clean. The laundry smells? This is most certainly due to bacteria that settle through residual water. So it's better to clean the machine every now and then: 50 g sodium bicarbonate in the drum, 50 ml vinegar essence in the powder compartment and off you go with the 60'C programme - but without washing, i.e. idling. Lime, bacteria and germs make the bend.

Similar principle, only without washing: soda in the shoes - helps against sweaty feet and unpleasant foot odour, as bacteria are killed.

With a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate mixed with 10 g curd soap in 100 ml warm water results in a cheap and environmentally friendly detergent.

Soap or sink against fogged glass and mirror surfaces
In the bathroom, the mirror mists up after showering, the window pane adorns unsightly streaks of which residues remain? Simply apply a very thin layer of rinse aid (e.g. the soda-core soap rinse aid) to a cloth and rub the surface or glide gently over the surfaces with a bar of curd soap - just not too much, otherwise you can see it. Then polish smooth. The soap layer prevents water droplets from settling.

Professional tip: The principle also works with glasses: Fogged up eyeglasses in winter are a thing of the past.

Alcohol also removes stains from upholstery
Alcohol, as pure as possible, can refresh upholstery: It works best with almost pure ethanol, if necessary it is also a clear grain: apply alcohol to the upholstery with a spray bottle and gently rub off with a white sponge. The upholstery can then be brought back into shape with a white brush. The alcohol evaporates quickly and leaves no nasty odours. Also fights bacteria.

Mechanical cleaning combined with household products

Over time, drains and the like can become blocked - but aggressive pipe cleaners not only etch away dirt, they also attack the pipes - and are very damaging to the environment. Better clean blocked drains mechanically from time to time. Usually they can be unscrewed. This is certainly not a nice task, but it works much better than any pipe cleaner. Treat with soda every now and then but prevents blockages: 4 tbsp soda in the drain, add half a cup of vinegar - and after a few minutes rinse with a liter of boiling hot water.

Salt as a mechanical cleaning aid
When ironing, residual dirt likes to burn into the surface of the iron. These can be removed quickly and easily with salt: simply place salt on the ironing board or an ironing-resistant surface and let the iron slide over it on the hottest level without steam function.

Mechanical cleaning is particularly helpful if it is done regularly. Your shower calcifies much more slowly if you dry the shower panels after each shower, for example with a squeegee. Furthermore: the drier a surface, the fewer bacteria can settle.

In general, the faster you remove dirt, the easier it is. The fresh stain on the stove is removed faster than dried food residues.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Top NEA Licensed Cleaning Companies in Singapore

If you want to get the top-tier cleaning services in Singapore, you have to find out information about these companies. We will give you the data you need about three of these firms that will make you feel happy right away.

These cleaning services can be considered the cream of the crop, and we will tell you more about what they have in store for you. You should keep on reading because we have something interesting for you to read right away. These companies will not charge an arm and a leg, and that is another reason to hire them.

You should hire a cleaning company in Singapore which offers the right price for the right service. By right service, we mean a top-notch one, and you should also be able to call them whenever you want.

We will talk about the services they offer. You will find out a lot of good data about them, and we will give you all the details you might need. Remember that these companies are here to stay for a long time because they know what they are doing, but you should find out what they have in store for you.

@bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd

If you want to get the services of an amazing cleaning and maid company, @bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd is for you. Tired of seeing your home or office full of clutter? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore because @bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd will be there for you.

They offer a wide array of services including, but not limited to, these ones:
- Cleaning of toilets.
- Emptying your rubbish bins.
- Mopping of floors.
- Ironing of clothing.

They can perform the weekly house cleaning that you have been seeking for a long time, and that is just one of the things that they can do for you. The company will truly go the extra mile so you can truly find what you need to find.

If you call them now they will book online for you whenever you want to. This process is hassle-free and you will manage to do it in no time. Remember that you will have to provide all the cleaning products and materials.

@bsolute Cleaning Pte Ltd will not charge you an arm and a leg for these services because they know what to charge and how to do it.

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd can be the one-stop solution that you need to use for your domestic cleaning and part-time maid needs. Yes, they can do that for you and then some, and that is just the beginning of the package.

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd has been working hard to become a reliable, trusted, proven, and dependable company with all the pride that these things produce. They are truly proud of this and their clients can speak about this with all the satisfaction they can muster.

These are some of the services Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd has in store for you:
- Office cleaning.
- Home cleaning.
- Toilet cleaning.
- Mopping of floors.
- Window cleaning.

Auntie Cleaner Pte Ltd has all you need and they also have a wide array of packages. For instance, they have a once-a-week package where a maid will be visiting your dwelling or office once a week for a total of four hours.

They do not charge an agent fee, and you will just have to pay $20 per additional session. The additional hours will cost you $30 each. You have to use this service if you want quality.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd

Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd has eight call lines that you can use right away. They will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, and this firm also offers a lot of services including sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning.

These are some things that you have to think about Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd:
- They offer any kind of commercial and residential cleaning service.
- They have a wide array of tools and methods to meet your needs.
- Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd gives you the freshly clean environment you want.

Your upholstery will look like new, and you will love truly what you will see. The crew behind this successful company is truly proud of doing an amazing job that their clients will be happy with at all times.

Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd will go the extra mile to make sure that you will be truly happy with their services whenever you need it. They charge by sq. feet, but Singapore Carpet Cleaning Pte Ltd will not make you pay an arm and a leg for these types of service because they know what they are doing in this important business.


We have talked about some of the best cleaning companies in Singapore. These are the cream of the crop, and they will not make you pay a lot of money for their services. These firms are successful because they know what they are doing.

One of the best things about these companies is the fact that they will go the extra mile to keep you satisfied, and they also use state-of-the-art tools to give you what you need. Therefore, you should not worry about hiring one of these firms today. These companies also offer a wide array of services that will allow you to get what you need.

These are awesome companies because they know how to keep the environment safe while they give you the high-quality services you need to get today. You will have a lot of room to maneuver once you have hired the services of these companies.

If you need part-time maids, these firms will be more than willing to give you what you need. These companies keep their employees well-trained so that they can offer the high-quality, reliable service that you can rely on. These firms are not here to deceive you because they are high-quality firms. Think about this and have fun while you hire these firms.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Importance of Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Keeping your carpet clean and fresh is very beneficial. There are many reasons why you should not neglect your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning is a fundamental part of your regular general home cleaning. These services are much needed to keep your carpet at its best. Keeping your carpet clean, not only make your home pleasing, they have various benefits you may not be aware of.
Here are various reasons why you should keep your carpet clean.

1. Save Money
Carpets are generally expensive. Cleaning your carpet regularly help in keeping it in good conditions, thus, protecting the money you spent on it. This is more important in case your carpet is new or you’re planning to sell your home soon as it will add value to your home. Cleaning carpet is much easier and less costing than replacing entire area.

2. Maintain the Look
Basically, a home or office can’t look clean if the carpets in it are not clean at all. Vacuuming your carpet regularly, helps in removing debris and dirt that ends-up in carpet. However, deep cleaning is essential as is needed to get rid of tougher stains out. When your carpet is clean, you will appreciate the feel and the look of carpets and showing off your place to visitors and guests will be appealing since the general appearance and look will be great.

3. Healthy Lifestyle
When carpets are unclean, they are home to thousands of allergen and bacteria. These organisms are source of severe several diseases as well as infections which may infect you. Additionally, particulates matters among them including dust, are stored in deep pores of carpets. You can’t lead a healthy lifestyle when surrounded by diseases causing bacteria. However, professional carpet cleaning get rid of these factors thus ensuring you live a healthy lifestyle.

4. Prolongs the Carpet Life
Professional carpet cleaning using the extraction-method can significantly increase the carpet life, thus protecting your floor-covering investment. Having your carpet at least cleaned professionally twice a year, can increase your carpet life. It’s good to hire a reputable cleaning company that will give you the value of your money by giving your carpet the best treatment. Deep cleaning your carpet with specialized tools will ultimately prolong your carpet life.

5. Ease Carpets Maintenance

Dry soils are the most used to make up carpet soiling. So, when a carpet is professionally cleaned thoroughly on regular basis, most of the dry soils can just be removed with regular vacuuming. When your carpet is professionally cleaned, all stains and deep-rooted particles will be removed hence making daily maintenance easy and more effective thus keeping your carpet at its best.

6. Air Quality Improvement
Carpets are victims of tracking various pollutants such as dust, mold spores, as well as pesticides that can generally affect the air quality in your house or office. These pollutants may affect you, your family members or even your employee's health. With regular and professional carpet cleaning, you can maintain fresh and good air quality in your home or office hence protecting your employees and loved once health.

7. Removes Stains and Spots
As its case to other soils, sports and stains can basically attract more soiling. Removing stains and spots promptly can protect your carpet from damage. Professional cleaning of your carpet will get rid of these stains as is their most obvious reason.
If you’ve stains in your carpet that are difficult to get rid of, hiring a professional cleaning service can help you and you’ll always be smiling.

8. Improve the Smell of Your Carpet

This is another obvious reason of cleaning your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning improves its smell. This is mostly true for homes that have pets as well as the children who often produce urine or vomit which may result to unfortunate smell. Routine cleaning of your carpet is important and steam cleaning occasionally is a viable option if you would like to have a fresh smelling carpet.

9. Help to Remove Bedbugs and Dust Mites
Cleaning your carpet professionally, gets rid of dust mites and bedbugs which may have camped in carpets. Basically, carpets is a source of a cozy and warm interior for your home. Unfortunately, many tiny objects like carpeting due to the same reasons. The warm as well as moist fibers creates a perfect home for bedbugs and even dust mites. Make sure you don’t give these bugs a home in your carpet by professional cleaning it and regular vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning service can help you fight against these bugs.

10. Helps Employee Productivity

Cleanliness of a working place affects employees productivity. When working environment is clean, employee morale and productivity will be promoted. But when the office is dirty, can be distracting and harmful to worker’s health.

A dirty, spotted and full of bacteria carpet, may generally hurt your employees, thus hindering your office productivity. Thus, to curve this menace, make sure your office carpets are thoroughly and regularly cleaned professionally. This will keep all ill causing agents at bay and your employees will comfortably perform their duty without distractions.

11. Maintaining Carpet Warranty

Most carpets warranties requires extraction method of carpet cleaning to be used to clean carpets within a specified duration of time. So, it’s advisable to regularly use this method to clean your carpet in professional way to avoid making the warranty void. Hiring a professional cleaning service will ultimately help you in doing this task.


The discussed above are some of the genius reasons for keeping your carpet always clean. Carpet cleanliness is vital to your home and working place. A clean carpet will generally improve the appearance of your home, improve air quality, keep all ill causing agent away from you thus giving a space to enjoy a healthy life.

To meet the expected carpet cleaning standards, use professional cleaning service. These will ensure all stains, bacteria, dust mites, bedbugs and other factors that have camped in your carpet are completely get rid of. If your carpet is not in good cleanliness conditions, don’t hesitate to seek cleaning service to improve your home or office standards

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Pros and Cons of Part Time Maid

There’s no doubt that everybody loves a clean home and overall, a healthy environment. However, times have changed because both women and men have become invested in pursuing their careers and this means that they have very little time available to do home cleaning. We all need clean clothes, utensils, rugs, carpets, bathrooms etc. but job and other commitments mean that all these can only be done with the help of a maid.

Unlike full –time maids, part-time maids are only available for a limited time and they don’t live in your house. Their working hours are scheduled and they are at your service only when it’s required. Their work schedule is usually based on your time preferences and they are usually paid on hour basis. Employing the services of a part-time maid means that you are not buying their services, but also your peace of mind. If you looking forward to enlist the services of a maid, outlined below are some of the pros and cons of part time maid.

Pros of Part Time Maids

• Their Services are Flexible
One major thing that can’t go unnoticed is the flexibility that is associated with part-time maids. Hiring a part-time maid means that you are going to use their services based on your needs and comfort. For example, you can hire a maid who only works on in the morning hours, weekdays, weekends, during family events etc. Additionally, you can easily adjust their services to a time that you prefer or when you’re available.

• They are Highly–Trained and Experienced
Part –time cleaners are highly–trained, skilled and experienced in the field of their work. Most cleaning agencies usually go to great lengths in training their staff hence you can be assured that the maid you’re hiring will demonstrate high-quality skills while carrying out cleaning tasks in your home. Furthermore, the maids are committed to their work as they work for shorter hours hence they are less stressful. They perfectly understand that they work in a highly competitive field hence they must deliver impeccable services which will satisfy the client by making sure that their services meet or exceed their customer’s demands.

• They are Affordable and Also Suitable for Low –Income Earners
Note that these maids are usually hired and paid on an hourly basis hence they are more affordable than full –time cleaners. Unlike full –time maids who live in with you and do various chores throughout the day, part-time maids work under a limited time frame hence their compensation is less than that of their counterparts. If you are in a low-paying employment, you only need to look after their services when you can afford.

• They Allow for Family Privacy
Although the absence of a part-time maid may not have a huge impact in your family’s relationship, there are times when your home needs privacy such that even the simple presence of your helper maybe be a hindrance. The presence of a part-time maid means that you get time to spend private quality time with your family and friends because once they complete their tasks, they are obligated to leave your house.

• They Give You Piece of Mind
There have been increasing cases of domestic helpers abusing children as well as bringing strangers to their employer’s house without their acknowledgment. Part-time maids eliminate anxiety and give you peace of mind since you can enlist for their services only when you are at home.

Cons of Part Time Maids

• Reliability Issues
Part-time maids usually work for a specified period of time hence they may not be familiar with the cleaning routine of your house and this makes their service deliverance unreliable. It is sometimes very difficult to effectively work with them as you can’t hold them accountable for other tasks in your house. As a result of this, it may be necessary to consider employing a full –time maid because they are responsible for all the tasks in your house.

• Inconsistencies 
If you are hiring a maid from an agency, inconstancies may arise. This is because you will most likely end up receiving different maids on each request and problems may arise if you like the services of a particular maid because there is no guarantee that the maid you like will always be the one who will come to your house when you need home cleaning services. Since different homes have different rules, it’s also very tiring to repetitively explain the same rules to different people regularly.

• They are Not Readily Available
Unlike full-time cleaners who are usually available day in day out, part-time cleaners are only available on schedule hence they might not be readily available when you want prompt or emergency services.

• They Can Be Very Expensive
Although they are paid per hour, the overall sum of paying a part-time maid can be expensive. Their services are also high in demand hence for you to get a cleaner who will deliver timely and high-quality work, you have to part with a lot of money. Also, the more experienced the maid is, the more money you have to part with.

• Trust Issues
As mentioned above, it’s not a guarantee that you will get the same maid every time you require home cleaning services. Hiring different maids regularly leads to trust issues because sometimes you have to leave them alone in your house while they do their work. You might want to leave them with your house key while you rush to do some errands and this means that they will have access to some of your valuable items which means that there is a high potential of some of your stuff getting lost or stolen.

Like most things in life, part-time maids have pros and cons and if you want to hire one, you have to weigh the cons and pros against each other in order to determine the option that will effectively work for you. As much as money is a factor, if you don’t have children, a disabled person, elderly parents or relatives etc. but you still need services of a maid, then a part-time maid may be the best option for you.

Monday, 26 February 2018

How to Clean Up Your Home When Renovation is Done

Now that the renovation project is done and the last workman has finally left his previous set of muddy bootprints on your new kitchen floor, it's becoming painfully evident that there is still a sizable job to be done in cleaning up after the fact. There's dust, sawdust, paint splatters, labels and smudges on windows, pieces of plaster and putty - the list goes on and on, and you're not even sure where to start. It may be a good time to call in an after builders cleaning service but if you decide to save the money and do it yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Dust from renovation hangs in the air and finds its way under skirtings and in between floorboards where it can lurk and seep out gradually for weeks.

Then there are the unavoidable scuffs, stains, tiny and inevitable paint splatters and remains of sticky label adhesive on the glass. It all means weeks of renovation cleaning. Search the web and you'll find any number of tips and comments on after-build cleaning of which the following are just a small selection. All surfaces, including ceilings and walls, have to be cleaned after a renovation.

Cleaning floors
Immediately after renovation, it is not advisable to sweep floors with a broom. Vacuum them instead, even if you have hardwood and tile floors. Try vacuuming every day and mopping the floors every other day. Dry dust or sweep all walls. It's necessary to remove the harmful drywall or sawdust left clinging to surfaces after construction. Use a pail full of warm water with a cup full of vinegar added.Mop the floor thoroughly. The floor should be inspected for plaster dust or an overall dull-looking appearance. Mop the floor again, if necessary.

Apply rubbing alcohol to labels on appliances and windows to eradicate them without damaging the finish.

All this work afterward for the householder who has spent weeks juggling family, job and significant home renovation project can add weeks before the appointment feels wholly done and can also diminish the pleasure of enjoying both a job well done and the enhancement to the home that was the point of it all.

Hire a cleaning company-A great solution

There's one easy solution, which is to get in a specialist renovation cleaning company to do an in-depth and thorough job. They will have the specialist, more powerful tools and equipment to do the job accurately and thoroughly in much less time. Offering a renovation domestic clean could also provide a new business opportunity for companies specializing in this field.

It is crucial for the cleaning company to have a meeting with the company's project manager to gather information about unique materials used and what products and materials can be used for cleaning them without damage. Renovation cleaning technicians will then be able to arrive on site fully equipped with the best equipment, all safety clothing and materials for the work.

Move into a new building first

Using a commercial cleaning company, no matter how careful the renovators have been, will almost certainly mean moving into new or refurbished buildings can be done more smoothly.
It is so much more comfortable, and efficient, to install furniture and other equipment then move into a building that is clean, well ordered and ready to use.

There should be no stray nails, paint splashes, dust, sawdust, smeared windows, loose fittings or any other issues if a professional cleaning company has done an inspection.

Their knowledge of the way building contracts can sometimes overrun or turn up last-minute problems means most specialist renovation cleaning companies have resources to do the clean-up.
They should be able to demonstrate that they take Health and Safety very seriously and their standard practice should include a proper risk assessment at the site and an appropriate statement of the cleaning methods to be used.

The attention to detail they apply will give them information to supply a full report of all the work they have done as part of the clean-up and can also highlight anything that needs attention by the builders.

It's possible that the cleaning company may also offer induction, retraining and regular H & S audits for the staff who will be using, maintaining and cleaning the building once it has been handed back to its owners.

Is it worth it?

It may be an extra cost but a specialist renovation clean is an investment that could be particularly important for peace of mind in any renovated home.

It cuts down the amount of time needed for moving in and also allows for the people who are to use it to get going quickly and efficiently, which is an essential consideration for any organization that people depend on to supply essential services.

Moving into an already clean and fully functional building can be useful for family morale too if after a period of disruption during building renovation they find everything in working order with no risk of damage to clothing or possessions.

It's so much easier to let a professional handle the job if you can afford it. A good renovation cleaner can save you a lot of time and headache, and they have the experience and tools to make the job manageable. More and more renovation cleaning companies offer services to homeowners who have smaller cleanup jobs; some even specialize in home renovation cleanup. You might be able to arrange a one-time visit if you're on a budget and most firms will be happy to show you how to finish the cleanup on your own. Contact one of the companies that specialize in home projects - for renovation cleaning offers lots of choices in every neighborhood and for every budget.

Monday, 8 January 2018

House Spring Cleaning Hacks That Are Best to Try

Singapore is an official Island country renowned for the most lavish hotel chains and as a party paradise. This country never sleeps and has the liveliest culture that you’ll ever get to experience anywhere else in the world. Apart from all these factors, if you ever get to visit here, don’t miss a chance to try their different cuisines which defines the true taste of Singapore.

Other than this, Singapore is also recognized for its house & office spring cleaning methods. Here, people are quite conscious about their hygiene & health which makes this place of the cleanest countries in the world.

What’s the concept of spring cleaning?
Spring is one season when there’s dense moisture in the air. It somehow affects the dryness or freshness of home, offices or even enters your clothes. In order to get rid of it, spring cleaning becomes the only option left.

Basically, the purpose of spring cleaning is to bring a fresh vibe to your working or living place. And when it comes to bringing freshness nothing can be better than using lemon which is a high source of citric acid. Apart from lemon, there are countless other options to get rid of that stinky moisture in the air.

If you have never done that before or about to start with your spring cleaning then here are few hacks that may help you get done with it perfectly in a smart way. Check out the list and start the cleaning process now-

1. Clean different sections- Don’t rush all your cleaning activities at the same time. This could lead you nowhere. Make sure to start with small sections. Keep some targets in your mind. One day, go for cleaning the living area thoroughly and then the next start with another section of your home. The same rules apply for your office spring cleaning as well. Rushing things will make your schedule hectic and won’t even let you have a complete cleaning. Apart from this, if you continue the cleaning process for long, it makes the results long-lasting & let that freshness stay for long in your every section of the home.

2. Lemon-
As we discussed it above as well, lemon is a great and easily available source of fresh citric acid. This acid is not just good for your health, skin but also for cleaning purposes as well. Right from getting back that spark of your copper utensils to removing the stubborn stain on the furniture, a small slice of lemon can give you all. Just like any other section of the home, the moisture of spring season leaves a great impact on different kitchen equipment as well including- oven or microwaves. If you ever get to witness a stinky smell in your oven, then all you need is to place some fresh peels of orange and a half cut lemon slice. After this, just switch on the oven on microwave mode for good 1 minute. This will eradicate the smell and will leave your oven cum microwave with a fresh tangy fragrance for long.

3. Go organic-
Instead of using any ready-made toxic cleansers, it is good to go with either organic cleansers or the home-made ones. You can always make a home-made cleaner with the help of some orange peel, juice, lemon drops, baking soda/ powder, salt and some vinegar. Usually, all these ingredients are easily available in your kitchen and having a right proportion of the all, you can make yourself a great cleanser which can give you effective results. And the best part about is it won’t affect or damage any of your belongings.

4. Sanitizer is a must- If you have a cute little munchkin at your home then using a skin-friendly sanitizer become a must option to keep. Clean the baby products or toys with the sanitizer regularly so that you ensure a better safety for your baby. Usually, the moisture brings a thick layer of bacteria with it which of course is harmful, especially for your baby. To eradicate it, having a sanitizer is always better.

5. Use rubber gloves- Having a pet at your home can let you witness hair at every corner of the house. This hair won’t disturb you but when it comes to cooking or dining with your family, it you may get to taste few of them. To make sure you don’t experience any such thing, it is must to have a rubber glove which can gather all the hair or other dirt particles easily.

6. Change toiletries- Just to be a bit more hygiene conscious change your toiletries after every 6 months. This brings a new change in your toilet.

7. Bathroom deep cleaning- Proper cleaning of toilet seat should be done after every 15 days. It is important to eradicate those yellow marks around the toilet seats which turn the seat pale after a certain time. Make sure to go for cleaning it a blend of toilet cleaner and some vinegar to obtain the best results.

8. Use newspapers for cleaning-
In order to make your windows crystal clear clean, go for rubbing them properly with wet newspapers. It is best to obtain perfect results without doing much. Just spray some liquid cleaner on the windows and swipe a dry newspaper over them, this is enough to thoroughly clean your windows or even doors.

9. Use salt for equipment- When it comes to removing those hard stains on iron, oven, or any other kitchen equipment, nothing works perfectly. In such cases, do nothing but use salt and some vinegar. Make a scrub kind of consistency of these two ingredients and scrub whichever kitchen equipment you want to be cleaned. If you do not have vinegar at your home then using lemon juice as its substitute is the best option to have.

Cleaning is about making your home look & feel fresh again, so it should not be tiresome anyhow. To make it a fun, try to go for some innovative, effective yet simple ideas which do not let the moisture come & stay again. Temporary and ordinary cleaning methods may give you instant results but then there are chances of moisture coming again and irritating you for long.

The bottom line
No matter in which corner of the world you live, cleaning your surrounding is something that becomes a necessity just to live a better lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, people from Singapore are a bit more conscious about hygiene. And which is why, office spring cleaning is more of a bandwagon that everyone follows in this lively country.