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Monday, 21 August 2017

How To Keep Dusts Away From Home

House cleaning is a specialized task that anyone cannot perform proficiently. It is even
becoming more and more challenging in the current fast-paced lifestyle where you have to combine it with other hectic schedules. Lack of free time can prompt you to hire a professional house cleaning company to handle the critical tidying up and cleaning duties on your behalf. Whether you want to clean a new home before entering, or a business premise after moving, it is essential to find a reputable part time cleaner for a well-kempt and cleaner home.

Among the common types of house cleaning services to consider are maid service companies, agencies companies, independent working cleaners and house helpers and more. Most of them provide domestic and commercial cleaning services. They can handle home, office, hospital and school cleaning services. An extensive cleaning is vital to eliminate all forms of dirt and dust from your home.

Dust is prone to accumulate in a home making it uninhabitable. It is pretty simple to maintain a dust-free home provided you remain vigilant and consistent in your cleaning. Dust come and go no matter how you clean your home. Dust comes from pollen, dead skin cells, paper, clothing and fibres. However, this does not mean you
should keep up cleaning it. Below are some of the ways on how to keep dust at bay in your home.

1. Keep your closets tidy
Clothing stored in the closets harbour and shed a lot of fibre. If you notice dust every time you open your closet, then it is advisable to keep it clean and closed. Additionally, you may consider storing your stuff in closed bags, boxes and even plastic containers. All dirty garments should be cleaned and not mixed with the clean ones.

2. Unclutter your floors
Never ignore those piles of toys, rugs, magazines and old papers. Dust tends to settle on books and dirty rugs on the floor. In fact, about 80% of the dust in a home is found on floors. Instead of cleaning around them, consider removing and storing them elsewhere. Put them in closed boxes or drawers. You also need to be keen on your carpeted floors. While most carpets appear gorgeous, they harbour lots of dust. Surprisingly, some of them have dust mites which can be detrimental to the health of your family particularly for those living with allergies. Vacuuming it on a daily basis can help to keep them at bay. If it is possible to invest in a vacuum cleaner or hire a part time cleaner to do it for you. Again, when eliminating dust, consider doing it outside as it can settle once again on your carpet.

You can mop your floors as wet floors tend to collect the dust you missed while sweeping making it easy to dispose of. Waiting for too long before mopping will make it difficult to control unlike when you do it often.

3. Change and launder beddings weekly
Pillows, mattresses and sheets are the best in hosting dust mites. To make your cleaning easy, try enclosing all your mattresses in good, clean and allergen-proof covers. Besides, wash them every week to reduce the accumulation of dust. You might be tempted to assume that dust cannot get into your bedroom but it does. Any cracks in your room should be sealed to avoid letting in dust.

4. Filter your indoor air
One way you can control dust in your home is by filtering the air inside. In case you live in a home that is cooled or heated in a central unit, consider changing filters. As
the dust accumulates in your home, the quality of your air filters tends to deteriorate. It is advisable to replace the filters after every three months. Again, if you do vacuum your home, do change the vacuum filters as well. Working with a broken vacuum filter will only return dust to the floor.

5. Take off dirty shoes at the entrance
Dirt and mud find its way into your home, especially on rainy seasons. Consider asking people to remove their shoes whenever they enter to reduce dust from getting into your home. You can also use door mats as it makes it easy to clean. Pets should also be groomed regularly. Fur and dander from pets contribute to dust. Washing them regularly can help to control the dust that enters in.

Sometimes cleaning a home can prove to be very challenging. In such a case, you may consider hiring a part time cleaner. Some reasons why you can hire an expert part time cleaner include:

1. Flexibility 
When you hire a part time cleaner, it means you are utilising their services based on your needs and comfort. If you plan to host an event, you can consider hiring them to do the cleaning before and after the event. When you don’t need it, there is no need to pay them. Again, whether you want them to clean your home daily, weekly or monthly, it is all vested upon you. Moreover, it is a feasible move compared to hiring a full-time maid service where you have to take care of their day-to-day welfare.

2. They are highly skilled and trained
There is nothing stressful like having cleaned your home and packed everything then you remember that you didn’t clean spaces under your furniture. The advantage of hiring a skilled house cleaner is that they dive deeply when cleaning your home. Whenever they are working on your home, you can be sure that they are going to demonstrate great skills when cleaning every area and room of your house. Therefore, they guarantee you a great cleaning experience. They do understand the benefits of living in a cleaner environment in promoting health and sanitation.

3. They can save you both your time and energy
Most of us have very tight schedules. It is a weekend, and you realize you have extra work in your office and you can’t find time to clean your home. A part time cleaner can
be a saviour in such a situation. Besides, their services are quicker and better than you could have done. A majority of the cleaning companies are equipped with the required cleaning products and techniques. You don’t have to buy all these products yourself when you hire an expert to do it. Again, this is vital particularly if you don’t know the type of products to use for efficient cleaning. You get ample time to focus on other chores knowing that your cleaning is taken care of.

4. Vital when planning to sell a home 
A home that is kept clean does sell faster than a poorly maintained home or that which looks untidy and messy. When staging a home for sale in the market, sometimes it can be easy to forget certain areas when during cleaning. Such mistakes can be costly and can hamper the marketability of your home. Hiring a part time cleaner can save your day. Therefore, if you plan to sell a home, cleaning is more of an investment rather than an expense.

5. Reliability and professionalism
Sometimes you might be tempted to think that you’ve delegated all the cleaning tasks in your home to your kids but realize none is completed two hours later. Reliable part-time cleaners are very reliable. In fact, they deliver exemplary services so that you can call them next time. Again, they will exhibit the highest level of professionalism during their cleaning. Some of them will want to hear your feedback on their services.


Though house cleaning is seen as a petty task, it can prove to be nerve-wracking especially for those held up with tight schedules. Hiring a part time cleaning service is a smart way to saving your time and keeping your home tidy. If you plan to hire one, consider the above tips.