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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Top-notch Ways To Keep Your House Dust Free

Singapore has a hot and humid climate. Its weather patterns, therefore, allows dust to settle on the windows, floors, doors, television stands and everywhere leaving the house owners with much cleaning chores. Dust is the third party in every family and everyone is looking for the most efficient ways of getting rid of it. Its effect on the asthmatic people is lethal. Although it is almost impossible to create a completely dust free environment, there are many ways of reducing dust and allergens in our homes:

· Firstly, get the right tools to dust the house. These tools can be categorized according to the area to be dust cleaned. It is important to note that the common dust cleaning tools are vacuumed cleaners, brooms, and microfiber mops or dusters. These vacuum cleaners help you reach the areas that other traditional tools cannot access during cleaning. Brooms are of different types, some are used in sweeping the floors while others are used in cleaning the walls. On the other hand, dusters are made of synthetic materials that attract and trap dust particles making them effective for keeping the house dust free.

· To effectively achieve a dust-free house, it is prudent to come up with a cleaning system. Divide the house into areas that are more prone to collect dust and other parts that are least exposed to dust. For the dust prone areas, clean it at least thrice a week. While for the other parts, clean it once a week. This makes your house a dust free zone with a conducive breathing space. If you have no time for cleaning, you can hire professional part time cleaning staff from the Singapore professional cleaning service. You can choose a full time or part time cleaning staff. Owing to the training they have undergone, they offer quality dust cleaning services.

To wipe the furniture, a piece of cloth is the most effective material to use. Avoid the temptation to clean your house just when you have an occasion or you are expecting visitors. Interestingly, you can comfortably wipe the furniture using a piece of cloth on daily basis. However, when washing the cloth, ensure that you avoid the fabric softener. This softener reduces the ability of the fabric to trap dust and liquid absorption.

· Unknown to many carpets are the number one dust absorbers. By having them around your houses, you will be accumulating more dust. Therefore, for better dust clean up, it is appropriate to remove carpeting around our houses. However, if you are a carpet enthusiast it is advisable to use doormats. Doormats absorb dust preventing it from reaching the carpet.

· Presence of dust in a room can be sensed by a stuffy nose. Usually, mattress and pillows come second to carpets in the levels of dust they accumulate. Purchasing allergen reducing covers and placing the mattress and pillows in them is the best remedy. Also, buying washable covers is another option. It is your duty to ensure that the bed covers are washed at least twice a week.

· To make cleaning easier, it is necessary to avoid placing many items in the places you spend the most time in the house. This particularly refers to the bedrooms and leaving rooms. Many stuffed items in one area accumulate a lot of dust and make cleaning difficult. Although having fancy decorated items enhances beauty in your home, is good ensure that you do not overdo it. This saves your energy during cleaning.

· Opening of doors and windows is one best way of allowing free air in to the house. However, dust particles and pollutants come in to the house through these quarters. Therefore, hygienically, it is advisable to open your windows at an angle in order to avoid unnecessary dust particulates.. This helps to reduce the amount of dust getting in to the house. Wiping the windows and doors is another helpful option.

· Changing the air filters of the air conditioners prevent the dust from accumulating in the air filters. This is another way to make the house dust free. Place air purifiers around the house and you will be surprised at how much dust this habit contributes to dust prevention.. They suck dust and prevent it from being collected in the house. This leaves the house to smelling fresh.

· Additionally, there are indoor plants that purify the air naturally. They absorb dust and release oxygen as a substitute to stuffy carbon dioxide. They include dendrobium, palms, peace lilies, ferns, schefflera, anthuriums and song of India. Besides absorbing dust, they bear flowers which add to the beauty of the house. They will serve as alternative form of decoration to your home.

· Use the best cleaning techniques which include; making sure that the floor is the last to be dusted by starting from the ceiling and ending with the floor. Start cleaning from the farthest room entrance because they are high traffic entrances. Also, divide the house into sections that will help you monitor your work and save your dusting time. Lastly, avoid lazy dusting habits. When you dust, take your time in removing the furniture and wiping them in a planned formula.

· Also, cleaning starts with good defense. There are three defenses you can practice; Firstly use rugs. Placing rugs on entrances absorb significant dust. Also, kindly ask people entering the house to remove their shoes to minimize dust. Regular cleaning is another defense method. Thirdly, dealing with problematic areas where the dust frequently accumulates is another better defense method.

· Always wash curtains at 130 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce dust. Always endeavor to keep clothes off the floor. Open the room windows partially to increase room aeration. The amount of furniture should be minimized in the house. Broken or unuseful furniture should be disposed to avoid congestion that accumulates dust. Use dehumidifiers to absorb moisture in the room. The pets should he kept off the house since their hair attract dust.

In a nutshell, when the above tips are religiously observed it is possible to achieve a dust free house. Having the above points as a regular checklist to reduce dust will significantly help you live in a serene dust free environment.