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Friday, 17 March 2017

All You Need To Know Before Hiring Part Time Maids in Singapore

If you can’t spend hours cleaning your home due to other commitments or due to lack of energy, you may consider hiring a part-time maid to help you. In the long run, you will find that they are less costly. In fact, one advantage of residing in Singapore is the affordable domestic help that is readily available. Some families especially couples without children find that having a maid service once or twice a week is just fine. But for big families, a full-time maid to help with home cleaning, house cleaning, cooking, ironing, and shopping is very important. Most maids in Singapore originates from Indonesia and Philippines and are conscientious, diligent and are those who are supporting their families back home.

What type of part time maids are there

Part-time maids can either be locals or foreigners attached to cleaning services companies. Before hiring a part-time maid in Singapore, it’s very important to ensure that the maid that you have employed is legal. A full-time maid who does part-time jobs outside is often doing her jobs illegally. Local amid usually charge around $10 an hour based on the kind of jobs that they do. Naturally, for more complex cleaning requirements, the money they charge for their services will be high. Other factors that are likely to affect the charge is whether the job is done weekly or over the weekend. Because of the higher demands, weekend charges tends to be higher.

Part-time maids employed through agencies will typically cost more when hired. This is because the agencies usually ensure that their maids are not breaking any laws. Hiring a part maid through an agency can cost up to $30 per hour for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours per week. Based on the company, agencies may charge a one off fee of $200 to $300. Whether they are hired for home cleaning or office cleaning they will clean floors, toilets, and kitchens. Where possible they will also do some ironing, empty the trash bins, and make the beds. They may also clean wipe the windows, fans, doors and mirrors. If necessary, you can ask them to clean your oven, refrigerator, and cooker hoods.

Facts to know about hiring part time maid

· There are three different types of maids- The three types of maids in Singapore includes local freelancers, those who work when on social visits and those who are employed locally. These kinds of maids do not have any form of special training and lack insurance. This means in case any problem arises while providing their services they are not covered. Some companies also ensure that their maids are insured under work injury compensation.

· Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower is very strict- In their attempts to quickly get a maid to help them with the workload, most homeowners often forget about the consequences of following the law. They ignore the steps that should be taken to make sure that they deal with legitimate companies. By not complying with the regulations of the ministry of manpower they can attract serious punishments. Before employing a maid, you need to take time and do a thorough background check since this could save you a lot in future. If she has a permit that states that she should be working for one employer, she cannot work for any other person. If it’s a cleaning company then she can be assigned anywhere.

· It’s good to hire through a company- While you may go through the process of finding a good maid, you should consider hiring through a legitimate company. This is because they are likely to have gone through the process of verifying the maid to make sure that she is working legally. If you hire someone who is not allowed to work in Singapore, you may get into a problem with the authority. Once you have confirmed that they have a working permit, you can arrange to receive an invoice from the company periodically. However, if you realize that they don’t have a valid permit you should terminate their services immediately.

· Part-time maids are less expensive- In most situations, homeowners prefer working for themselves to save on the money that they would have used to hire a helper. However, the good thing is that you can still employ a part time maid to save on the costs connected to hiring a full time helper. This will not only help you with housecleaning services but will also save you a lot of money.

· Charges for hiring a part-time maid usually varies- When it comes to working in Singapore, the cost of hiring a maid over the weekend tends to be costly. This is because they are on duty while the majority of the people are resting. More so, since other people have gone on break, there is a huge demand for their services over the weekend. Remember, most maids are not willing to work during the weekends since they also have people who depend on them. Therefore, lower supply rates and corresponding demands dictate the overall pay that that part time maids earn.

· A lot of dust is likely to settle on the windows- Because Singapore is hot and humid, whether you like it or not you are likely to need a helper. The good thing is that you do not have to spend a lot of money since you can simply hire a part-time maid. You can, therefore, spend time with your family, write a book and spend time with your friends. You can also create time for dancing, painting, or other things while the maid helps you with your normal routines.

· After hiring a part-time maid- If you have children, you should confirm whether they are coping with your maid. They are actually the best barometer to check whether the maid is good or not. It’s also important to treat your maid with a lot of respect so that she becomes fully committed to the kind of work that she is doing. More so, make sure you give her schedule so that she knows what she should do at any given time.