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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

11 Mistakes To Avoid On House Cleaning

Cleaning is a task that you need to do regularly in your home. Normally people do their house cleaning without keeping some basic things in their mind and as a result of that they end up making a lot of mistakes in it. I am sure, you don’t want to make any of the mistake in your house cleaning work. So, here I am sharing 11 mistakes to avoid on house cleaning and how to avoid it.

Washing window in a sunny day:
Washing windows on a sunny day is not a good idea for house cleaning. You should understand that if you will do this on a sunny day, then the liquid that you will pour on your windows will vaporize very soon and you will need to put it again. Also, it can leave some vaporized marks on the windows and you may find that hard to remove. Hence, it is a wise idea that you do not make this mistake in any condition.

Trying to scrub the spill from carpet: If you get any spill on your carpet, then you should never try to scrub it from the carpet. Doing so will only increase troubles for you. The stain will go deeper and it may spread at many other places as well. Instead of scrubbing, you should try to soak the spill using tissue paper or fresh towel. Also, you can pour some table salt on the spill, it will suck the moisture or the spill and later you can clean the salt using vacuum cleaner. So, when you do the house cleaning, make sure you remember this tip as well.

Excessive use of vinegar or lemon juice:
This is true that lemon and vinegar are mild solutions for cleaning, but using the same solution for all kind of cleaning is never a good idea. You must understand that both of these options contain acidic properties and it might not work well with many of your furniture’s, fabric and other surfaces. Therefore, it is always a wise idea that you cross check things accordingly and you use it only if you are sure about the safe outcome.

Assuming cleaner is disinfectant as well:
Many people have this opinion or assumption that a cleaner can do the disinfection work as well. However, that opinion has nothing to do with the fact because most of the cleaners just do the cleaning and they do not work against germs or other microbes. So, if you don’t want to make this mistake, then it is strongly recommended that you check the properties of the cleaner and you buy one that has disinfectant properties in it.

Using wrong tools for the job:
Using wrong tools for the house cleaning is one more mistake that many people make. You must understand if you want to clean a oily or greasy surface, then you will have to use a scrub that can take off the grease deposit. But if you are trying to remove the grease from surface such as wood or similar other soft surfaces then you need to use a scrub that is gentle on the surface of wood or other material in your house cleaning. Hence, I would say, when you do your house cleaning make sure you keep this thing in your mind and you choose tools carefully.

Use of furniture polish very often:
Polishing your furniture is a good thing to enhance its look and life. But some people do the house cleaning of their furniture by dusting and then they polish it again. You don’t have to polish your furniture every time you dust it and you should keep that thing in your mind as well.

Using a lot of cleaning products:
In your house cleaning more is not always better and you should understand that as well. Some people believe if they are using more cleaning solution, then it will help them have better cleaning as well. However, things could be just opposite to this in real and you may end up having so many problems. So, make sure when you do the cleaning do it smartly and use cleaners only as per guidance.

Not following safety measures:
In your house cleaning work, your safety should be your first priority. But many people just ignore their safety and as a result of that they end up having so many serious issues. When you are doing house cleaning make sure you use gloves, safety glasses and other safety equipment’s to avoid any kind of trouble or complication.

Not taking any extra help:
It is a good thing that you want to do your house cleaning by yourself, but that is not a good practice to follow. For better result, you should not mind taking extra help from other people. These people can be your family member or some experts that are known to offer such services. It does not matter what option you choose, make sure you take extra help in your house cleaning work.

Trying to finish it in one day:
It is not easy to finish the house cleaning work in a day unless you have a very small house. If you will try to finish it in one day or less, then you will end up having so many issues in it and you may also fail to get any good result as well. So, you should give time to your self for the cleaning and you should make sure you do it in a relaxed and better mood.

Using dirty sponge or clothes:
Not changing the clothes or sponge is one more big mistake that many people do in house cleaning. You must understand that, your dirty clothes or sponge will give you negative results and you may need to do the cleaning again. So, it is advised that you follow this suggestion as well and you clean your clothes or sponge in proper manner. If you cannot clean it properly, then you should choose to use a new cloth to avoid any issue or complication in the cleaning result.