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Saturday, 9 July 2016

7 Reasons Why Part Time Maid is Always In Demand

The demand for part time maid is always in demand in Singapore as families look for hassle free, cheaper options as opposed to full-time and stay in maids. The people in Singapore have become more conscious about their living standard and health and as such focus more on cleanliness. This has led to the increase of the demand for part-time domestic workers for people who do not get enough time and concentration to clean their houses thoroughly. Below are 7 reasons why part time maid is always in demand.

Why go for a part-time maid?

When getting to hire a full-time maid it is always an issue of trial and error and you usually don’t get what you want from the choice of maids that are presented by the agency but you have to be contented with your choices because you have already paid the fees and premium. Part-time maids is the best option as you can call the operator and request to change the maid and a new one will be sent to you at your next schedule or appointment. You can change the maids until you get one that is suitable for you.

1. You can enjoy your Privacy
With a part-time maid you can get to enjoy your privacy as opposed to a full-time maid. A part-time maid will only visit your home at their scheduled time but a full time domestic worker stays with you the entire time. You can enjoy your private time with the maid visiting only at a scheduled time.

2. Saves time
A part time paid will help you save a lot of time which you can reschedule to be spent with your kids and family. Much of the domestic duties you normally will be taken over by your part time maid thus saving a lot of your time involved in them. This saved time you can spend it with friends or family by going out chatting online with them or calling them on phone. With the help of the part time you can also increase your productivity in cleaning and arranging your house more efficiently. If you are a working lady it helps as you will be able to come back to a tidy and clean home which will give you ample time to rest and do other things.

3. Flexibility
You can get to use the services of the part time maid as you require and when you require. You can arrange for them to come to your house only at the suitable time to you. This is helps to save the space needed for accommodating a full time maid and the money you would pay against her full time services and also health care and other expenses. Part time maids will work according to your schedule thus granting you the opportunity and flexibility you require to run your house effectively.

4. Saves Money
The main reason why people go for part time maids as compared to full time maids is because they are cheaper. The salary of full time maids is high in Singapore.

For parents who are both working and have little kids, there is still no need for full time maid. You can take your kids to the child care centers in Singapore run by state government during the day and then call upon the part time maid to do the domestic works when you are back home. In this you can save a lot of cash that you would have used to get the services of a full time maid.

5. Professionalism
Part time maids are properly trained and are possess skills required to make your home clean and tidy always. Their training ensures that the part time maid undergo a vigorous specialized training that enables them operate various home cleaning machinery such as vacuum cleaners and laundry machines to your house the sparkle it deserves. They do not just scrub and dust but they do it to your satisfaction. Should their services fall be your expectations you can get to ask for a new maid by calling the operator of their agency and a new one will be at your disposal for the next cleaning session.

6. Freedom 
You have the freedom of going anywhere you like by just informing the part time house cleaner not to come to work until you return. You can get to have a vacation of weeks and even months and not worry about arranging for someone else as in the case of a full time house cleaner. With a part time house cleaner you even have freedom to change your lifestyle. You will have the freedom to focus when you hire the services of a part time house cleaner in Singapore to help you in house chores. By the part time doing other house chores you will be able to give priority to other important things rather than let your brain are diverted by other un-important things.

7. Productivity
Part time house cleaners will help tidy your home and put everything in order and won’t stay behind to disturb your daily work chores and family responsibilities. This helps to prevent disputes amongst maids and their employers. This is common in full time house cleaners should there be a clash of personality between them and the employer. Having a full time house cleaner will also be like having an extra family member.

The only major con with this type of arrangement is that you need to lock up your valuables before living the part time house cleaners in your house. This is to avoid misunderstandings regarding loss of valuables.