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Sunday, 12 June 2016

8 Useful Tips on After Party Cleaning

Clearing the after party mess is not anybody's idea of fun. The spills of juice and the smudges of pudding are very disgusting especially for those who must sort out the mess. However, a few strategies and good planning can turn the cleaning task into some labor of love. There are no text book rules that govern the art of after party cleaning. All it takes is the ingenuity of the homeowners or professional cleaners in Singapore to reclaim the full glamour of the house. Here are some 8 crucial tips:

1. Clear Stains Before they Dry
We all like to buy time before embarking on after party cleaning. Our tendency to procrastinate is what toughens the stains. Every home cleaning expert in Singapore will remind you that the cleaning of stains should begin immediately after the party. Stains from coffee, milk and other drinks at the party are easy to deal with before they dry. You simply wipe them off from the tables and use appropriate stain removers to clean them from the carpet and other indoor fabrics. In fact, the practice of cleaning stains promptly after the party saves significant amounts of money that could be wasted on replacing irreversibly stained items.

2. Use Warm Water for Oily Smudges
Smudges and smears from fatty foods will always find their way on the walls, balconies and other surfaces around the house. The problem often escalates whenever the partying involves aggressive children and teenagers. The cleaning process is quite easy when you use warm water and a mild detergent. A clean piece of cotton should be dipped into the water and used to clean the surfaces. It is advisable to start cleaning in less than two hours after the party concludes. Warm water works better than cold water because it melts the oils and fatty smudges and makes it very easy to wipe them off the surfaces.

3. Get All the Trash in the Open Air
Keeping heaps of after party trash indoors is the clumsiest way to foul the house. One way of managing the after party chaos is to sort all the dirt in dust bins and place them at a secluded part of the home as you await the final disposal. It is good practice to engage the services of a garbage management firm to carry away all the trash. Many food substances begin to fester easily when left in the kitchen trash bins after the party. Naturally, it is easier to keep food remnant far from our houses than to deal with the rot that might ruin the comfort of everybody and expose us to shame.

4. Sort out Some Food Remains for your Pets
We live in a world where random wastage of food is roundly condemned. A lot of left over food after the party should be set aside for our adorable pets. It is a kind thing to indulge your pets in the sumptuous delights that remain after the guests depart. In fact, this strategy helps you reduce the volume of dirt that you have to contend with. Love requires that you do not let the food rot at the dump site before your pets find it on their own. Any food that is still fit for human consumption should also not end up in the trash bin. Recycling is a pleasant vocabulary in this century.

5. Prioritize the Tough Cleaning Tasks
One of the best ways to manage cleaning is to begin with the tough jobs. Although it may appear tougher to clean king-sized pans and extra-large serving bowls, the resultant mental energy makes it easier to clean the rest of the items. Every experienced cleaner in Singapore will tell you that the after party cleaning process proceeds smoothly after the tough assignments have been dealt with. It is improper to let food particles dry up on the bigger kitchen items before you think of cleaning. In the language of after party cleaning, quality time management remains an irreplaceable virtue. Professional house cleaners in Singapore are always available to offer their timely services both at the residential and commercial levels.

6. Soak the After Party Items Promptly
Some dirt and stains will never leave your precious fabrics and other items unless you have soaked them long enough. Prior to the commencement of the party, make sure that you have prepared effective detergents for soaking and washing. Loosening the dirt and stains for hours before the final washing helps to return your fabric and other precious items to their original sparkle. If you don't want to diminish the aesthetic appeal of your white table cloths, ensure that your preferred detergent has enough whiteners for a perfect wash. Besides, soaking the items prevents flies and fleas gathering around the washing area.

7. Think of Homegrown Washing Remedies
You do not need every dollar on the planet to buy the cleaning items you need after the party. Just get into the kitchen and pick your regular vinegar and baking soda for cleaning some items such as the carpet. Apart, from removing some tough stains, such commonplace items help to eliminate bad odor, which is usually occasioned by spills. Remember that some drops of beer and a little salt constitute a wonderful detergent for removing stubborn coffee stains from your carpet and sofa. Every day the world is learning new tricks of how to party on a budget. Homegrown cleaning solutions help to cut down on costs.

8. Enlist Professional Services
Some people lack the time or experience of cleaning their houses after partying. For such people, the best option is to enlist the services of professional cleaners. Singapore has highly trained professional cleaners who combine the double merits of quality cleaning and time management. The cleaners are highly distinguished in the art of combining their professional techniques and advanced equipment in the pursuit of perfect results. Besides, relying on professional cleaners helps to save time and protects the homeowners from the usual fatigue that is associated with after party cleaning. Ultimately, thoughtful party planners should consider the importance of hiring the best house cleaners in Singapore to manage their party's aftermath.