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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Experts

Home cleaning is becoming harder and harder to find the time to do these days. While the time for home cleaning disappears, the need for it grows, since houses today are bigger and better than they ever have been before. Between working, family, travel, and taking care of personal business, people just don't have the time for home cleaning like they used to.

The first thing you need to do to zero in on home cleaning is to figure out what exactly you want to be done. Writ it down. Pick the rooms that you want a home cleaning service to clean, and which ones you don't. You also need to decide what things you need the service to do, whether that be the dusting, vacuuming, dishes, or the floor scrubbing. Many people like for their home cleaning crew to do absolutely everything every single day, and many others just want their people to come and clean once a week or a couple of times each month.

Next, taking into consideration all of the work that you need the people to do, you need to decide how much money you are willing to spend each time they come to clean. Do some research to see how much others are paying for similar services, and don't stray from that too far. Most home cleaning services get their business by word of mouth from their customers who recommend them to other people. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers if they have any recommendations for home cleaning groups. You can also look online, the phone book, or look in newspapers at classified ads.

One great thing about almost all of the home cleaning businesses out there is that they offer free consultations to their potential customers. When you first contact each service, find out if they offer this consultation, and if they do, make sure that you take benefit of it. Find out more about the company, their strategies, what they will charge and accept, and any other expectations that either party might have. One question that you want to make sure that you get answered is if you supply the cleaning solutions or if they bring those with them when they come to clean.

Also, make sure that you think about when you need the home cleaning service to come and clean, either early in the morning, during the day, or late in the evening when everyone in the office has gone home. Most people prefer to have the home cleaning business come when they are not home, either while they are running errands or at work for the day. The home cleaning services that you want in your home should be bonded, licensed, and insured to guarantee that you'll be getting the absolute best service possible with your home cleaning.

There is a domestic cleaning company to help you. If you do not need to go home in a cluttered environment, then you need to opt for a company that can offer everything that you need regarding home cleaning. A company that is specialized in providing high-quality home clean has trained staffs, high-quality equipment, and cleaning products. It is good to look for the company that can affect provider more than just carpet cleaning because a professional one is an expert in kitchen and bathroom cleaning. These places require thorough cleaning as this is known as the hardest part of the home to clean. If you have a special request, then you need to tell it straight to find out if they can do it or not.

The good thing about home cleaning is that they only hire people with a good reputation and clean record. Safety should be one of your major priorities when it comes to hiring for the best cleaning service. You can hire them to clean your entire home or just a specific area inside your home. The best cleaning company has insurance provided for their staff and to safeguard your belongings or property in case of accident or damages that can happen during the service. It can protect you from additional cost because the company will handle all the responsibility.

It is the benefit to having a clean and aesthetically appealing home for you and your family. Home is the safest place for you and your family, and it can only happen if it is well-cleaned and organized by a reputable home cleaning. You and your family can bond even without going outside if you have the clean and safe environment.

The Benefits of Hiring Cleaning Experts

There are many benefits, apart from those previously mentioned, associated with hiring bonded home cleaning experts. If you are ready to ensure that your home is completely spotless and are considering enlisting the assistance of a professional, you should be aware that these services will offer you the following advantages:

1. By hiring home cleaning professionals, you will always enjoy a beautiful, clean home as these professionals dedicate their time and resources in making certain that this is accomplished.

2. You will no longer have to struggle against your busy schedule to make a chance to perform the tasks that are necessary to keep your home beautiful and protect the health of those that reside in your home.

3. By creating the schedule with a home cleaning expert, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that what require done in your home to keep it clean, will be done - no excuses.

4. The experience, expertise and high-quality equipment used by professionals will ensure that your home is cleaned correctly and on the deepest levels. These professionals will not only meet your expectations; they will exceed them.

5. Each home cleaning expert that works in your home has been extensively trained to ensure that they know what areas require the highest level of attention, what type of attention to give to other areas and to use only products that are considered to be safely used on various surfaces in the home and around people, without causing health complications.


As you can see, home cleaning services are the most effective and easiest way to ensure that all of the interior regions of your home are properly cleaned. A clean house is more than just a matter of the appeal. It is also a matter of necessity.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Complete Guide To Spring Cleaning

Spring is approaching, and it is the best time to get our homes back in order after being closed up during the prolonged winter months. More and more we are being blessed with days in which we can open our windows and let in the fresh air. But what good is all that fresh air if our homes are cluttered and messy.

We all have those cluttered closets, cupboards, and drawers that need cleaning and what better time to take care of them that when spring cleaning time comes. One of the reasons that this time is so great is because you can pile all of the stuff you need to get rid of into boxes and plan a garage sale or yard sale. Not only will your home be clutter free but you will have a few extra dollars in your pocket as well. Maybe you can even use it to start a vacation fund for you and your family. Planning to use the money for something like this may motivate you to get moving on your spring cleaning project a lot quicker. And to obtain the most out of your spring cleaning project here are the few tips for the most efficient way to clean and reduce clutter in your home.

Clean from top to bottom. Many people do not realize this, but cleaning is much more effective when done from the roof of the house to the base of the house. Not only does this mean starting with the highest level of the home but also the highest level of each room. Clean cobwebs from the ceiling first, then move to Windows, then more top shelves, desks, and entertainment centers, move onto nightstands and other furniture, and end with the floor. After you complete the highest level move onto the next. Cleaning this way will make the job more complete because you are pushing everything to the lowest level before finally cleaning it ad everything that came from higher levels.

Don't use harsh chemicals. Spring cleaning is supposed to make you and your home feel refreshed. The last thing you want to do is smell harsh chemicals and cause skin irritation when you are trying to enjoy the wonderful smell and feel of the fresh air. Try to find natural cleaners to go with the natural freshness of spring and your spring cleaning experience will be much greater.

Organize you garage first. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, basement, or attic to store your stuff in you may want to clean and organize it first so that you can simply move your storage boxes to that area when you are ready. Installing suitable shelves for boxes and crates may also be a good idea so that your storage space stays organized when you are done with your spring cleaning project.

There is no doubt spring cleaning can be a lot of hard work, but it is well worth it in the end. Follow these tips, and you can make the job at least a little bit easier so that you can get it was done and enjoy the beauty of spring.

Imagine this scenario for a minute or two if you will! Every year, when the climate starts to warm up and the sunshines just a little longer every day the heating gets switched off and your windows in opened.The flowers begin to peek through the earth which has been guarding them through the colder months. Birds were chirping away happily. People begin to wash out the dusts and remain left backwards from the very long winter month. It has been happening for years and apart from the visible advantages of owning a clean house, the spring cleaning just offers a variety of advantages:

A clean home is similar to a gift unwrapped on your birthday; a spring cleaned home feels clean, fresh and almost like new.

You already know where everything is, so while you spring clean your home and dig into every nook and cranny you should be able to take an inventory and put things back to where they usually live. You can also declutter by disposing of the items you no longer need. This gives you an excellent opportunity to add space, light, and warmth into your home. You may also discover items you had long forgotten about.

A spring-cleaned house should be free from mold, mildew, dust and bugs. These things can wreak havoc on your general health. When the windows in closed all winter long your house do not have the chance to air out. You will wind up recycling polluted air throughout your home until the windows are finally opened up again.

Now, you finally have the chance to declutter with a good spring clean. Clutter is the wrong word on a lot of levels. Excess possessions that you no longer have any use for can cause stress, they also gather a whole lot of dust and leave you feeling as if you just cannot get organized. If you remove all of that stuff, you will feel happier in yourself and better able to concentrate on the things that matter.

Your belongings, most importantly, your appliances will last longer. You will probably save some cash when you clean and maintain your appliances. They're going to run more efficiently, and you'll be able to spot any problems before they have become too big and you find yourself having to replace the item. While you are cleaning and looking through your things, you are better able to take stock of what you have got and take care of it.

A clean home feels excellent. I have never heard of a person not wanting to clean their home. It is very reassuring to be familiar with where things There Any Benefits [to and the fact that you know they Spring Cleaning spotless. While you Spring Clean your house this year bear in mind all of the great good you Spring Cleaning doing for the family and yourself. Saving time, money and piece of mind. They will all love you for it.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Mistake To Avoid When Cleaning Bath Tub

DON'T leave your soap and shampoo bottles on the floor of your bathtub or shower. Doing this can result in stains and cracks as the acid from these products can eat away at the lining of your tub, allowing bacteria to build up and eventually damage your tub.

DON'T use abrasive scrub pads, steel wool or hard tools when cleaning your tub or shower. These types of materials will wear out the coating on your tub and grout and can cause unwanted damage.

DON'T use abrasive products that are hard on your bathtub. Just like the abrasive pads and tools, the cleaning product can easily damage your tub. Some products I don't recommend using are Comet, Paint Thinner and Magic Erasers.

Do not try to clean the electrical parts of the walk in bath tub. These are protected by casings and do not need to be maintained. You should also avoid using oils in the tub, which may cause the floor to be slippery. Always use gentle cleaners rather than steel wool or other abrasive materials, which may scratch the tub permanently.

How to clean Bath tub-

Bath tubs provide comfort and convenience. You could relax and be lost with the sensation and relaxation it gives us. It is considered one of your stress-reducing activities. However, hot tub maintenance is not as easy as any other maintenance for common things. You should follow a certain process to make sure that you will be doing it right and you will be getting the most out of your money.

Proper maintenance of the hot bathtub cover will result to more efficient and longer use. However, what are the steps and tips on how to clean your hot bathtub cover? Remember that the cover will be the one to catch the dirt, falling leaves, and debris that could have fallen in your bath tubs.

Step one is to take a soft cloth; normally made of cotton, and a piece of mild soap. Do not use detergent soap in cleaning your hot tub cover. Wash the vinyl cover several times with the mild soap solution and do this step several times every month.One tip for the longer use of hot bathtub cover is to make sure that the water chemistry on the hot tub is balanced.

Excessive chemistry is corrosive and might form a build up in the cover. Once it is corrosive, it can eat your cover out and you might end up destroying your hot tub cover sooner than expected.Next step is to wipe out any chemical build-up using the mild soap solution. Make sure to make it a thorough clean to make sure that the chemical will not leave any damaging effect to the cover.

Making sure that the clean is thorough, you will have easy cleaning system the next time you clean the hot tub. At the same time, even if the chemical build-up has been there for a while, making it a thorough clean will result in lesser and manageable damage to the chemical components of your vinyl cover. It is always wise to ensure sure clean with the cover for future preference and maintenance.

If you enjoy soaking in your tub from time to time, you definitely want to make sure it's clean. After all, it's not very appealing to think about soaking in a grimy tub that is full of germs. While it's never very fun to clean out the tub, here are a few tips that you can use to make the cleaning a bit easier so you can bathe in a nice, clean tub.

First of all, you want to start by choosing a good cleaner for the bathtub. Some of the best cleaning options include Lysol, which really removes germs, and Scrubbin' Bubbles does a great job on tubs too. Just make sure your cleaner will sanitize the tub and get rid of soap scum and any mineral buildup.

Before you start cleaning, get some rubber gloves. Wear them to keep your hands protected against the chemicals you'll be using.

Spray your cleaner all over the tub and allow it to sit for a few minutes. This way it works on the scum and dirt for you and you don't have to work as hard to get it off. Use a sponge or cleaning cloth to scrub the tub.

Sometimes using a bit of bleach can help you clean the tub and shower walls, but you don't want to go over board here.

Make sure you rinse out the tub when you are done scrubbing it. You don't want to end up getting the chemicals on your body when you take a bath in the bathtub later on. From time to time, it may be a good idea to put some drain care products down the drain of the tub too to help make sure the drain gets cleaned out good.

Bath tubs should be cleaned at least once a week. Fiberglass is a bit more porous than acrylic, which means that soap scum and grime may accumulate more quickly. Homeowners should use gentle cleaners that are appropriate for their specific tubs, and the tub's manual should help identify the proper cleaning materials. Baking soda and vinegar are natural alternatives that are gentle and won't scratch the tub. If stubborn rings or soap residue appear around the tub, then you should fill it with warm water before adding bleach and automatic dishwashing soap.

Allow the jets to run for 15 minutes before draining the tub. Fill it with warm water again, and allow the jets to run for another 15 minutes to remove any soap and residue that may still remain in the plumbing. After draining the tub a second time, use a damp cloth to wipe away any remaining residue. If the chrome looks dingy, wipe it with some white vinegar and salt to remove water deposits and make the chrome shiny.

Perform this simple cleaning task once a week in order to keep your tub looking clean. It will also keep your jets clear so that they continue to run properly, which will also make your tub last longer.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

9 Useful Outdoor Fountain Cleaning Tips

Water fountains found outdoors have for the longest time been used in estate gardens worldwide to indicate high status and prestige. Initially only the affluent had the capability of owning water fountains that were made of marble then. Today there is a wide variety of designs available to choose from and that cater for all manner of budgets.

Types of fountains

Garden water fountains come in different sizes, are made of made of different materials and have different styles. The type of garden water fountain one selects is a function of the available space, the budget one has and the amount of maintenance you are willing to do. Some of the common types include:

The Tiered Fountain – These are common fountains that have been in use for quite a while. In Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Spain is where they are mostly applied to improve the aesthetics of plazas and even courtyards. Tiered fountain designs are based on carvings of human beings and all types of animals. Such designs can be complex or simple in nature depending on a client’s specifications. This type of foundation comes highly recommended for landscape settings that are considered traditional. The color of the chosen should match right into the paving for a desired visual effect.

Disappearing Fountain – This type of fountain also goes by the name pondless fountain. It has an underground water reservoir that is completely hidden from site. It is most appropriate when located next to a path or even a patio. The famous styles of this type of fountain are millstones, granite columns, fountains with a natural look and ceramic urns. It is preferred because of its hidden reservoir feature. This effectively reduces drowning risk especially for children, reduces water evaporation and therefore saves on water bills, requires minimal maintenance due absence of algae growth and leaf fall and it utilizes a small space making suitable for all places.

Japanese Fountain – The design of this type of fountain was done with focus being placed on water instead of the basin. Bamboo can be installed to act as the spout from which water will flow into mostly a stone basin. It is recommended that it has edges that are jagged and have an ancient and weathered down appearance. Preferably it should be established within rocks and should have plants that are evergreen in close proximity.

Wall Fountain – These types of fountains are mostly suited for tiny patios and courtyards due to their relaxation effect. It occupies minimal space and can therefore be fitted on a particular wall. Its requirements include a water basin, internal tubing, pump and spout. It has the provision of being installed as free standing or mounted on a wall.

Self-Contained Fountain – This type of fountain has grown in popularity because of its affordable cost and ease of installation. They are easy to move and have water reservoirs of their own. They can be placed literally anywhere in the garden.
Singapore’s climate
Singapore is located next to the equator and has a tropical climate. This type of climate is characterized throughout the year by heavy rainfall, humidity and temperature levels that are high. This type of climate encourages algae growth and mineral buildup in outdoor fountains that require to be frequently removed.

9 Useful Outdoor Fountain Cleaning Tips

It is necessary to keep outdoor fountains free of algae buildup, stagnation, mineral deposits and debris accumulation. The following are nine useful cleaning tips to keep your fountain running smoothly and remain clean:

Tip1: Use distilled water to top up when the water level drops such that the water pump is always submerged. Distilled water contains few minerals and ensures that your fountain as well as the water pump does not experience mineral buildup that is a common problem in fountains.

Tip 2: Use a small net to remove twigs, leaves, insects and other debris that might fall into the fountain from the surrounding environment. This should be done on a regular basis so that there is no significant accumulation of these items in your outdoor fountain. The water pump should also be checked for any signs of debris that may cause clogging and prevent proper circulation of water.

Tip 3: Soak pump in 50% solution of distilled white vinegar that is diluted. This functions to loosen and remove stubborn stains that occur as a result of mineral buildup in the fountain. This should be done when the water is entirely removed from the mountain. You can use a soft cloth to clean the outside.

Tip 4: Use a scrub brush with stiff bristles, a mild dish detergent and some hot water to thoroughly scrub the interior section of the fountain. In the case of stubborn mineral stains, soak them off with baking soda or vinegar. These have active ingredients that serve as mild abrasives to make stains loose and remove them afterwards.

Tip 5:
You can remove the cover to the water pump and clean the inside of debris that is large with the aid of your hands. For small debris, you can use a toothbrush is no longer in use to remove deposits of algae and buildup of minerals from sections that are difficult to reach. Afterwards properly rinse and return the cover.

Tip 6: Unplug the water pump monthly to drain all the water especially when it starts to have a dirty appearance. The plug is usually located at the bottom of the basin to facilitate easy drainage. This will ensure the water is always clean and fresh.

Tip 7: If you have a large fountain and purchasing distilled water to refill is expensive, you can simply add several tea spoons of chlorine bleach to regular tap water or alternatively utilize fountain enzyme that effectively prevents algae and mineral buildup. A single tea spoon of chlorine is sufficient for outdoor fountains of a smaller size.

Tip 8: Use a pressure washer to remove stains, mold, and mildew. You can also remove the water pump and clean it with ordinary dish soap and warm water. Ensure all the soap residue is rinsed off once you are done with fountain cleaning.

Tip 9: A scrubbing pad can be used to loosen algae, dirt and mineral buildup in a fountain. However, ensure all soap residues are thoroughly rinsed off to prevent forming when you refill it with water.


Use the above 9 useful outdoor fountain cleaning tips to ensure your fountain is always clean and is running smoothly. However, it should be noted that vinegar is only effective in removing lime and calcium buildup in fountains if they are cleaned regularly.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

11 Mistakes To Avoid On House Cleaning

Cleaning is a task that you need to do regularly in your home. Normally people do their house cleaning without keeping some basic things in their mind and as a result of that they end up making a lot of mistakes in it. I am sure, you don’t want to make any of the mistake in your house cleaning work. So, here I am sharing 11 mistakes to avoid on house cleaning and how to avoid it.

Washing window in a sunny day:
Washing windows on a sunny day is not a good idea for house cleaning. You should understand that if you will do this on a sunny day, then the liquid that you will pour on your windows will vaporize very soon and you will need to put it again. Also, it can leave some vaporized marks on the windows and you may find that hard to remove. Hence, it is a wise idea that you do not make this mistake in any condition.

Trying to scrub the spill from carpet: If you get any spill on your carpet, then you should never try to scrub it from the carpet. Doing so will only increase troubles for you. The stain will go deeper and it may spread at many other places as well. Instead of scrubbing, you should try to soak the spill using tissue paper or fresh towel. Also, you can pour some table salt on the spill, it will suck the moisture or the spill and later you can clean the salt using vacuum cleaner. So, when you do the house cleaning, make sure you remember this tip as well.

Excessive use of vinegar or lemon juice:
This is true that lemon and vinegar are mild solutions for cleaning, but using the same solution for all kind of cleaning is never a good idea. You must understand that both of these options contain acidic properties and it might not work well with many of your furniture’s, fabric and other surfaces. Therefore, it is always a wise idea that you cross check things accordingly and you use it only if you are sure about the safe outcome.

Assuming cleaner is disinfectant as well:
Many people have this opinion or assumption that a cleaner can do the disinfection work as well. However, that opinion has nothing to do with the fact because most of the cleaners just do the cleaning and they do not work against germs or other microbes. So, if you don’t want to make this mistake, then it is strongly recommended that you check the properties of the cleaner and you buy one that has disinfectant properties in it.

Using wrong tools for the job:
Using wrong tools for the house cleaning is one more mistake that many people make. You must understand if you want to clean a oily or greasy surface, then you will have to use a scrub that can take off the grease deposit. But if you are trying to remove the grease from surface such as wood or similar other soft surfaces then you need to use a scrub that is gentle on the surface of wood or other material in your house cleaning. Hence, I would say, when you do your house cleaning make sure you keep this thing in your mind and you choose tools carefully.

Use of furniture polish very often:
Polishing your furniture is a good thing to enhance its look and life. But some people do the house cleaning of their furniture by dusting and then they polish it again. You don’t have to polish your furniture every time you dust it and you should keep that thing in your mind as well.

Using a lot of cleaning products:
In your house cleaning more is not always better and you should understand that as well. Some people believe if they are using more cleaning solution, then it will help them have better cleaning as well. However, things could be just opposite to this in real and you may end up having so many problems. So, make sure when you do the cleaning do it smartly and use cleaners only as per guidance.

Not following safety measures:
In your house cleaning work, your safety should be your first priority. But many people just ignore their safety and as a result of that they end up having so many serious issues. When you are doing house cleaning make sure you use gloves, safety glasses and other safety equipment’s to avoid any kind of trouble or complication.

Not taking any extra help:
It is a good thing that you want to do your house cleaning by yourself, but that is not a good practice to follow. For better result, you should not mind taking extra help from other people. These people can be your family member or some experts that are known to offer such services. It does not matter what option you choose, make sure you take extra help in your house cleaning work.

Trying to finish it in one day:
It is not easy to finish the house cleaning work in a day unless you have a very small house. If you will try to finish it in one day or less, then you will end up having so many issues in it and you may also fail to get any good result as well. So, you should give time to your self for the cleaning and you should make sure you do it in a relaxed and better mood.

Using dirty sponge or clothes:
Not changing the clothes or sponge is one more big mistake that many people do in house cleaning. You must understand that, your dirty clothes or sponge will give you negative results and you may need to do the cleaning again. So, it is advised that you follow this suggestion as well and you clean your clothes or sponge in proper manner. If you cannot clean it properly, then you should choose to use a new cloth to avoid any issue or complication in the cleaning result.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pros & Cons On Cleaning Your Own Home

Cleanliness is essential for good healthy and a beautiful comfortable environment. Keeping your home clean is one of the top priorities because apart from the good healthy of your family, you need to maintain a good reputation and manage the impression you create to the visitors. Over the years the trend of outsourcing professional services has raised to a great popularity, today there are commercial home cleaning services whose main objective is to keep your home clean giving you and your family a hygienic environment. You will agree with the fact that keeping your home clean and neat is the first priority but the homeowners now have two options to choose from, the first option is to do the cleaning themselves with the help of the maid, the second option involves hiring professional cleaning services. Both of the alternatives has advantages and disadvantages attached.

If you opt to clean your home, you will enjoy the following advantages.

1. You get to save
Opting to clean your home you get to save on expenses, with today's economy “how to save money” is one of the favorite topics, everyone is looking for means on where to spend less. When you clean your home the expenses are lessened because all you have to do is buy the cleaning materials and with the help of your maid or your family you get to clean your home. This is an amazing method of reducing your monthly expenses and reducing the overall expenditure, compared to the cleaning services, you get to pay the cleaning company every time they come to clean your home making the expenses keep increasing.

2. Privacy of your home
When you do the cleaning yourself, there is no third party coming entering one room to the next turning everything upside down. You get to enjoy the privacy most desire as the only parties involved in cleaning are the ones who live in the same home. Privacy may seem like a small deal but it isn't, some people will not want even people coming near their fence, that's extreme but privacy is something important and some individual will grasp any opportunity to keep their affairs private, and cleaning your home offers you this advantage.

3. More security and safety
Cleaning your home means there are limited or no third parties with access to your home and hence security is not a big concern. When many people enter and leave your home at a regular basis security or your home may be compromised, even when something goes missing it is not clear who might have taken it. Cleaning your home will eliminate this scenario, the only party with access to your house is your making it more secure and safe for both you and your family. Also, the chances of being spied on are lessened with greater margins due to the fact that you are responsible for placing everything where it is hence no hidden cameras and there is no third party moving around the whole day.

4. Cleaning is a form of exercise

When you opt to clean your home you engage your body in an exercise, this is healthy for your health. This means that you get to achieve to goals at once, that is maintaining a hygienic environment and keeping your body fit.

One the other hand, there are some disadvantages of cleaning your home. These disadvantages are.

1. The cleaning task is time-consuming
When cleaning your home you may spend hours cleaning and maybe leave some parts unattended, the task is time-consuming. This means you will have less and less time for your family. Today most of the people are leading a busy life and they don't have enough time to do the cleaning, this means cleaning will be a challenge piling up in the long list caused by a tight schedule.

2. Lack of necessary tools and equipment
Cleaning like any other task needs the right equipment for it to be done effectively. Most of the people do not have this equipment as it is too expensive to buy them or it is not logical to buy them so as to be cleaning your home. This presents a challenge and the cleaning outcome done without these tools may not be impressive.

3. Lack of knowledge and experience
Handling the chemicals and the tool used in the process might require one to learn some information, also knowing the right methods to clean effectively might require one to learn. Most of the people do not have time to read over all these procedures and they may end up doing it the wrong way hence, it this is a big challenge when you decide to clean your home.

4. Cleaning is a profession and requires expertise and knowledge
What most people fail to understand is that cleaning is a profession just like teaching, the person doing it ought to have some knowledge to give impeccable results. Cleaning service offers expertise who have experience and knowledge to leave your home sparkling and beautiful, the same results can't be achieved if you do the cleaning yourself.

5. Convenience and effective care of your home
The cleaning methods can impact on the lifespan of things like carpet and other materials, a cleaning expert will know which method of cleaning to use to take good care of your things and ensure they will have the desired lifespan. When you clean your home on your own without supervision of an expert you may apply the wrong cleaning techniques which will impact on the durability of your things.

The cleaning your home offers numerous pros and cons and the choice is contingent with the homeowner although many of the people have opted for cleaning services due to the following reasons.

- Customized services offered by the cleaning companies.
- Expertise services.
- Your home is cleaned to meet the required standards.
- Wide variety offered by the cleaning services such as window cleaning and carpet cleaning.
- Cleaning services use the right tools and the right techniques to give a spectacular outcome.
- Green cleaning.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

7 Reasons Why Part Time Maid is Always In Demand

The demand for part time maid is always in demand in Singapore as families look for hassle free, cheaper options as opposed to full-time and stay in maids. The people in Singapore have become more conscious about their living standard and health and as such focus more on cleanliness. This has led to the increase of the demand for part-time domestic workers for people who do not get enough time and concentration to clean their houses thoroughly. Below are 7 reasons why part time maid is always in demand.

Why go for a part-time maid?

When getting to hire a full-time maid it is always an issue of trial and error and you usually don’t get what you want from the choice of maids that are presented by the agency but you have to be contented with your choices because you have already paid the fees and premium. Part-time maids is the best option as you can call the operator and request to change the maid and a new one will be sent to you at your next schedule or appointment. You can change the maids until you get one that is suitable for you.

1. You can enjoy your Privacy
With a part-time maid you can get to enjoy your privacy as opposed to a full-time maid. A part-time maid will only visit your home at their scheduled time but a full time domestic worker stays with you the entire time. You can enjoy your private time with the maid visiting only at a scheduled time.

2. Saves time
A part time paid will help you save a lot of time which you can reschedule to be spent with your kids and family. Much of the domestic duties you normally will be taken over by your part time maid thus saving a lot of your time involved in them. This saved time you can spend it with friends or family by going out chatting online with them or calling them on phone. With the help of the part time you can also increase your productivity in cleaning and arranging your house more efficiently. If you are a working lady it helps as you will be able to come back to a tidy and clean home which will give you ample time to rest and do other things.

3. Flexibility
You can get to use the services of the part time maid as you require and when you require. You can arrange for them to come to your house only at the suitable time to you. This is helps to save the space needed for accommodating a full time maid and the money you would pay against her full time services and also health care and other expenses. Part time maids will work according to your schedule thus granting you the opportunity and flexibility you require to run your house effectively.

4. Saves Money
The main reason why people go for part time maids as compared to full time maids is because they are cheaper. The salary of full time maids is high in Singapore.

For parents who are both working and have little kids, there is still no need for full time maid. You can take your kids to the child care centers in Singapore run by state government during the day and then call upon the part time maid to do the domestic works when you are back home. In this you can save a lot of cash that you would have used to get the services of a full time maid.

5. Professionalism
Part time maids are properly trained and are possess skills required to make your home clean and tidy always. Their training ensures that the part time maid undergo a vigorous specialized training that enables them operate various home cleaning machinery such as vacuum cleaners and laundry machines to your house the sparkle it deserves. They do not just scrub and dust but they do it to your satisfaction. Should their services fall be your expectations you can get to ask for a new maid by calling the operator of their agency and a new one will be at your disposal for the next cleaning session.

6. Freedom 
You have the freedom of going anywhere you like by just informing the part time house cleaner not to come to work until you return. You can get to have a vacation of weeks and even months and not worry about arranging for someone else as in the case of a full time house cleaner. With a part time house cleaner you even have freedom to change your lifestyle. You will have the freedom to focus when you hire the services of a part time house cleaner in Singapore to help you in house chores. By the part time doing other house chores you will be able to give priority to other important things rather than let your brain are diverted by other un-important things.

7. Productivity
Part time house cleaners will help tidy your home and put everything in order and won’t stay behind to disturb your daily work chores and family responsibilities. This helps to prevent disputes amongst maids and their employers. This is common in full time house cleaners should there be a clash of personality between them and the employer. Having a full time house cleaner will also be like having an extra family member.

The only major con with this type of arrangement is that you need to lock up your valuables before living the part time house cleaners in your house. This is to avoid misunderstandings regarding loss of valuables.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

8 Useful Tips on After Party Cleaning

Clearing the after party mess is not anybody's idea of fun. The spills of juice and the smudges of pudding are very disgusting especially for those who must sort out the mess. However, a few strategies and good planning can turn the cleaning task into some labor of love. There are no text book rules that govern the art of after party cleaning. All it takes is the ingenuity of the homeowners or professional cleaners in Singapore to reclaim the full glamour of the house. Here are some 8 crucial tips:

1. Clear Stains Before they Dry
We all like to buy time before embarking on after party cleaning. Our tendency to procrastinate is what toughens the stains. Every home cleaning expert in Singapore will remind you that the cleaning of stains should begin immediately after the party. Stains from coffee, milk and other drinks at the party are easy to deal with before they dry. You simply wipe them off from the tables and use appropriate stain removers to clean them from the carpet and other indoor fabrics. In fact, the practice of cleaning stains promptly after the party saves significant amounts of money that could be wasted on replacing irreversibly stained items.

2. Use Warm Water for Oily Smudges
Smudges and smears from fatty foods will always find their way on the walls, balconies and other surfaces around the house. The problem often escalates whenever the partying involves aggressive children and teenagers. The cleaning process is quite easy when you use warm water and a mild detergent. A clean piece of cotton should be dipped into the water and used to clean the surfaces. It is advisable to start cleaning in less than two hours after the party concludes. Warm water works better than cold water because it melts the oils and fatty smudges and makes it very easy to wipe them off the surfaces.

3. Get All the Trash in the Open Air
Keeping heaps of after party trash indoors is the clumsiest way to foul the house. One way of managing the after party chaos is to sort all the dirt in dust bins and place them at a secluded part of the home as you await the final disposal. It is good practice to engage the services of a garbage management firm to carry away all the trash. Many food substances begin to fester easily when left in the kitchen trash bins after the party. Naturally, it is easier to keep food remnant far from our houses than to deal with the rot that might ruin the comfort of everybody and expose us to shame.

4. Sort out Some Food Remains for your Pets
We live in a world where random wastage of food is roundly condemned. A lot of left over food after the party should be set aside for our adorable pets. It is a kind thing to indulge your pets in the sumptuous delights that remain after the guests depart. In fact, this strategy helps you reduce the volume of dirt that you have to contend with. Love requires that you do not let the food rot at the dump site before your pets find it on their own. Any food that is still fit for human consumption should also not end up in the trash bin. Recycling is a pleasant vocabulary in this century.

5. Prioritize the Tough Cleaning Tasks
One of the best ways to manage cleaning is to begin with the tough jobs. Although it may appear tougher to clean king-sized pans and extra-large serving bowls, the resultant mental energy makes it easier to clean the rest of the items. Every experienced cleaner in Singapore will tell you that the after party cleaning process proceeds smoothly after the tough assignments have been dealt with. It is improper to let food particles dry up on the bigger kitchen items before you think of cleaning. In the language of after party cleaning, quality time management remains an irreplaceable virtue. Professional house cleaners in Singapore are always available to offer their timely services both at the residential and commercial levels.

6. Soak the After Party Items Promptly
Some dirt and stains will never leave your precious fabrics and other items unless you have soaked them long enough. Prior to the commencement of the party, make sure that you have prepared effective detergents for soaking and washing. Loosening the dirt and stains for hours before the final washing helps to return your fabric and other precious items to their original sparkle. If you don't want to diminish the aesthetic appeal of your white table cloths, ensure that your preferred detergent has enough whiteners for a perfect wash. Besides, soaking the items prevents flies and fleas gathering around the washing area.

7. Think of Homegrown Washing Remedies
You do not need every dollar on the planet to buy the cleaning items you need after the party. Just get into the kitchen and pick your regular vinegar and baking soda for cleaning some items such as the carpet. Apart, from removing some tough stains, such commonplace items help to eliminate bad odor, which is usually occasioned by spills. Remember that some drops of beer and a little salt constitute a wonderful detergent for removing stubborn coffee stains from your carpet and sofa. Every day the world is learning new tricks of how to party on a budget. Homegrown cleaning solutions help to cut down on costs.

8. Enlist Professional Services
Some people lack the time or experience of cleaning their houses after partying. For such people, the best option is to enlist the services of professional cleaners. Singapore has highly trained professional cleaners who combine the double merits of quality cleaning and time management. The cleaners are highly distinguished in the art of combining their professional techniques and advanced equipment in the pursuit of perfect results. Besides, relying on professional cleaners helps to save time and protects the homeowners from the usual fatigue that is associated with after party cleaning. Ultimately, thoughtful party planners should consider the importance of hiring the best house cleaners in Singapore to manage their party's aftermath.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How To Keep Your Ship or Yatch Clean

Ships or yachts are some of the marine vessels that bring valuable additions into our lives. Quite often, we use them to explore peaceful and cool destinations on the open waters. Equally, boats or ships allow people to feel that great relaxation derived from cool water breeze. Over time, however, your yacht or ship is likely to look a little bit dirty and an unappealing appearance. In most cases, dirt from the air and bacteria from the water will soon begin to collect on the parts of your water vessel. When this happens, it is a clear indicator that you need to engage in an intensive boat cleaning to restore its original glory.

Well, when it comes to ship or yacht cleaning, some owners have been known to be going overboard. Indeed, they seem to spend a lot of time polishing and scrubbing their vessels than actually being on the sea or lake fishing or cruising in them. Yes, it absolutely necessary and important to keep your vessel clean, but it is not worthwhile to spend long and backbreaking hours to restore the newness of your vessel. You simply need to equip yourself with the right cleaning products or tool and clean your vessel regularly and efficiently. Here, the key to boat or ship cleaning is to do the work 'smarter' and not 'harder.' This means, you need to develop an effective and efficient cleaning routine that has to be made a ritual habit after every water-trip. Inherently, tips on how to keep your yacht or ship clean is paramount at this stage.

Stunning Tips on How to Keep Water Vessels (Boat, Yacht and Ship) Clean
The following are some of the pointers that help boat owners to preserve their vessel’s good looks and protect them from the unforeseen and unforgiving marine environment:

#1. Choose the right cleaning tools
First and foremost, before choosing cleaning tools, it is very important to consider the composition and type of your vessel. This will ensure that you have the necessary materials and tools in hand ready for the job. Inherently, you are supposed to choose sturdy cleaning brushes that remove stubborn dirt, salt and grime, without damaging the gel coat or the smooth finish on your vessel. Generally, the right boat cleaning tools and products include brushes with sturdy handles, medium-soft bristle brush, and other necessities such as washing pads, bucket, a mop, chamois cloths, towels handy, and sponges. It is highly advisable that you need to store cleaning tools and products in the same place any other time.

#2. Choose the best and an environmentally-friendly cleaning soap
Ideally, for marine use, you are required to choose a cleaning soap that is extremely tough on grime, dirt, fish blood and salt. At the same time, any chemical-substance released on the water bodies need to environmentally friendly-therefore, the cleaning soap selected should meet this condition. In addition, an affective boat cleaning soap should be biodegradable with a neutral PH factor. Be warned that there are some 'super concentrated' cleaning detergents that are suitable for cleaning water-going vessels. This is because, such cleansers can damage or strip away finishes on boat or ship when left on the surface for an extended period of time.

#3. Have the right boat/ship cleaning techniques 
Once you have the right cleaning equipment, detergents and soaps at your fingertips, it is now the time to start the actual cleaning job. Although cleaning any water vessel is fairly simple task, the truth of the matter is that the above task can be quite daunting if you do not have the proper cleaning techniques. Indeed, if you need to save time while cleaning your boat, it is necessary that you start cleaning at the top and work your way to lower parts of the vessel. Next, you are supposed to start at the bow and proceed towards the stem. If you follow this to the latter, then be rest assured that you would not have to go areas you have previously cleaned.

#4. Opt for power washers
Discoloration and stains are some of the common thing that makes the life of every angler harder. Nowadays, with the tremendous advancement in washing industry, power washers offer great solutions to the above challenges. Indeed, if you want the best results, you are advised to consider using a power washer to remove all surface muck. Generally, power washers are sophisticated cleaning devices that give your vessel the ultimate cleaning results.

#5. Carpet cleaning-interior boat cleaning
It is unfortunate to note that most boat/ship owners think that a clean vessel is that that shines from the outside. While that is true, but there is more than that! The interior parts of your vessel need to be cleaned as well. If the cabin portion of your ship/boat is carpeted, you should carry out regular cleaning and vacuuming. Indeed, boat’s carpets get lots of foot traffic that is usually pushed deep into the fibre's carpet. Carpet dirt and dust can be removed by the use of specialized hose attachments or power washer.

#6. Wax On-Wax Off
Once you have cleaned your vessel, you need to give it some time to dry off. Yes! You are satisfied with perfect cleaning you have done on your yacht or ship. You may want to protect its fiberglass and buff to make it more shinny. One of the best ways to achieve this objective is by applying new quality wax. It is not really necessary that you keep on waxing your boat/ship after every cleaning, but this practice should be performed at least once/twice during the season. In most cases, if you need to preserve the luster of the hull, it is preferable that you apply several costs of quality carnauba wax.

Cleaning your yacht or ship should be one of the major regular maintenance practices, not only does it offer amazing restoration and protection amenities, but it also increase the value of your vessel. Naturally, if your vessel is clean, you will have a happy feeling when you hear others saying that your yacht is looking new and fresh. Therefore, you are advised to follow the aforementioned simple steps and tips if you need to have a properly cleaned water-vessel.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Steam Cleaning Carpet vs Hot Water Extraction

 When you clean your carpet, you have to select the best cleaning method today. There are several carpet cleaning techniques that are available nowadays. You can choose the best method for cleaning any types of your carpets easily. Steam cleaning and hot water extraction are considered as two popular carpet cleaning methods for all customers. Those methods are very popular among many users because they can provide the best and most effective result for all users. Before you select the best cleaning method for yourself, you need to take a look at all available features and details about both extraction methods.

1. Steam Cleaning

This method is commonly used to clean any types of your carpets easily. There are many useful benefits that are provided by this method. Because of all benefits, many people use this technique for cleaning their carpets completely. Steam cleaning is going to use hot temperature that can reach up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to provide the best result for all customers. This extreme high temperature is able to remove any types of stains and other impurities from your own carpet quickly and easily. If you want to remove heavy residue on your carpets, you should take a look at this technique now.

There are some benefits that are provided by this technique. It can be used to remove all types of stains from your carpet easily. You can also dry your carpet quickly when you are using this powerful carpet cleaning technique. Because you are going to use high temperature on your carpet, all water residues are going to dry up immediately. If you want to clean your carpet quickly and easily, you can take a look at this powerful technique. There are many companies that also want to use this method for accelerating their own carpet cleaning procedures.

Although this technique brings a lot of benefits for all clients, you also need to take a look at some cons or disadvantages from this carpet cleaning method. This cleaning method is not recommended for cleaning any expensive carpets because of its extreme temperature. Its high temperature can negatively affect some types of carpets immediately. Because of this reason, some experts recommend their clients to use other methods for cleaning their expensive carpets. This carpet cleaning method is commonly used to clean any regular carpets that are made from regular materials.

If you want to have this method for cleaning your carpet, you have to prepare everything accordingly. There's some very useful details that you have to know, as to complete the carpet cleaning method with this powerful technique easily. You can also hire the best carpet cleaning service, in order to perform this service on your carpet completely. Most companies usually offer this steam cleaning method for all customers. This technique should be done by professionals or experts, in order to provide the best and most comfortable result for all customers. Therefore, you have to hire the best service that is supported by some reliable experts today.

2. Hot Water Extraction

This is another common carpet cleaning method that is available today. You are able to use this method for cleaning your own carpet quickly and easily. When you are using this method, you are going to use the power of hot water for removing any stains from your carpet. The water is heated until it reaches its boiling point before it is used to clean your carpet. Water is the only requirement that is required in this cleaning method. You can simply use this method for cleaning your carpet effectively and deeply, so you are able to get all benefits from this technique.

This method is very popular among many customers. Hot water extraction is very useful to clean your carpet without leaving any significant problems. This method is considered as safe for any types of carpets. It can be used to prevent shrinkage in any types of carpets, especially that have a lot of high quality materials, such as natural fibers. If you want to take care of your carpet for long, you can consider using this reliable method for cleaning your carpet properly.

When you are using this carpet cleaning method, you should be careful with some disadvantages of this method. This carpet cleaning method is not recommended for you who want to clean any heavy stains on your carpet. This hot water technique is not able to remove any heavy soils or stains from your carpet immediately. It is recommended for you to combine this method with other cleaning products, such as high quality detergents, in order to provide the best result for all customers. When you follow all instructions properly, you should be able to take care of your carpet easily.

Those are some pros and cons about the hot water extraction method. This method is commonly used to clean any types of expensive carpets completely. There is no significant problem that can be caused by this reliable method. If you want to clean your carpet completely and easily, you can consider using this high quality carpet cleaning method today. It is not difficult for you to apply this method on your carpet regularly. This method is usually more affordable than any other cleaning methods, so you can clean your carpet at very affordable rate.

After reading this article, you should be able to find some differences between hot water extraction and steam cleaning methods. Both methods are very effective to help you clean your carpets completely. If you want to choose the best method for cleaning your carpet, you need to consult with professional experts now. They should be able to find the right cleaning technique for your own carpet. When it is necessary, you can also hire your favorite cleaning service company today. You need to select the right cleaning service in Singapore, in order to keep your carpet as clean as possible.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How To Choose The Right Part Time Maid For Condo?

Whether you like it or not, but this is a simple fact that cleaning is one of the most essential activities that you need to do in your house on daily basis. In order to do this cleaning work sometime busy people take the help of maid services and they get great help as well with this method. But if you live in a small condo or you do not have a budget for fulltime maid services, then you can hire a part time maid for that. But if you do not know how to choose the right part time maid for condo, then following are few tips that can help you in it.

Choose a reputable company: At the time of hiring a part time maid, it is a wise idea that you hire them only from a reputable company. When you get your part time maid from a reputable company, then you don’t have to worry about all the equipments or supplies for the job because they will bring it for you. Also, a reputable cleaning company would hire only professional people for this work and that will make sure that you get the best result from your cleaning work.

Check the availability: If you do not get response from your part time maid or service provider during work hour, then it is not a good idea to get the services from that company. In other words we can also say that you should get the services only from a company that can do the cleaning work for you at your prefer time with responsibility. Also, it is essential that your company gives you a quick and proper response during work hours and you don’t have to wait for several hours or days to get a response from them.

Business experience: As they say experience is a precious commodity in terms of professional work and it can help you solve new challenges as well in a great manner. If you will choose an old company to get your part time maid, then you can get the best output from it. A new company may not have proper organization in it and due to this improper organization you might feel some trouble or imbalance in your cleaning wok. Hence, it is suggested that when you choose a part time maid for your condo in Singapore, make sure you choose an experienced company for that.

Workmanship guarantee: In order to provide part time maid for your condo, a cleaning company can either hire professionals directly or it can hire people from subcontractors. If you get direct employees from cleaning company, then employs will pay more attention on their work and they will definitely give you better result as well. Hence it is a good idea that you get your part time maid form one of those cleaning companies that hire only train people for this work and they hire people directly.

Check the track records: It is essential that a company monitor all the work of its employees on regular basis. Also it is a good idea that you check the track record of your cleaning company while hiring a part time maid for your condo. To check these track records you can simply communicate with people who took the services of that particular cleaning company earlier. Other than this you can also go online and you can check people’s opinion on the internet review websites or social networks and you can check their track record for this particular need.

Cost of the services: Along with all the other things, you also need to make sure that you check the cost of the services before hiring a maid for your house hold works. In order to get the best and most cost effective services from your par time maid company, you should do the comparison of cost from different companies and then you choose one that offers the most cost effective services to you. But along with low cost you also need to have an assurance of best services as well. So, just keep these things also in your mind at the time of hiring a part time maid for your condo cleaning work.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Where Can I Find Reliable Blinds Cleaning Service?

Finding the right blinds cleaning service is very important to make sure that the blinds are left clean and in good shape after they are done. They are many ways to pick a service that will be just right for the work you need done and one that can reliably and professionally clean your blinds at a good rate and leave you satisfied. This article will help you understand what blind cleaning involves, what to look for in a good blind cleaning company and how to look for a reliable service.

What does blind cleaning involve?

Singapore blind cleaners who have been in the business for a long time will know how to tackle each type of common blinds in the country. Honeycomb blinds made from paper or cloth are popular in Singapore because of their ability to keep the cool air inside. They are relatively easy to clean and blind cleaning companies can come in and use their vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment to clean them.

Roman shades are another popular type of blind in Singapore because they are great at blocking out the harsh tropical sun and keep your interior shaded and cool. These are usually pleated or flat and can even have swags. Professionals will use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to dust off the dirt from the blinds. If there are stains, they will have to use a soapy cloth to rub them out. It is not recommended to get too much water on these blinds. Never soak them.

Roller shades are popular in both residential condominiums and offices. They are also cleaned with the soft brush tool on your vacuum cleaner. For the roller shades that are made out of vinyl and can be found everywhere, professionals may use a wet sponge to clean out the first. The sponge will need some dishwashing detergent and will easily pull off the dirt.

Panel track shades can be cleaned with your vacuum cleaner and soft or hard brush attachment. Stains can be lifted with a cloth dipped in soapy water. If you have wood blinds, it is recommended to treat them just like your wood furniture and use a very lightly dipped cloth to clean them before using a dry cloth to make sure no water is left behind that can form stains.

What to look for in a reliable blind cleaning company?

Experience is very important when hiring a blind cleaning company. When you call them up to ask for an initial quote, ask them if they have experience in cleaning the kind of blinds that you have and how they would do it. Also, you should ask them how long they have been in business and check to see online if they have provided accurate information.

You can ask them if they have any industry certifications. The National Environmental Agency (NEA) in Singapore works with many cleaning companies to make sure that they follow the proper procedures for cleaning. They also work with agencies like the UCCW, WDA and EMAS to conduct training conferences and issue guides on how to clean properly. You can ask what sort of training the technicians who will be cleaning your blinds have. Some companies will also be accredited by e2i Singapore which is a fair employment agency and checks to make sure that employees are not having their rights violated. These accreditations come in the form of “Clean Mark Silver” or “Clean Mark Gold” which show that the cleaning company has passed their tests.

Since 2014, all cleaning companies in Singapore have to be licensed to offer their services. This licensing offered by NEA means that the cleaners will have to be trained and offer an approved salary scheme for their employees. Make sure that the business you choose is licensed by a governmental agency so that there are no problems with the work.

You can read customer reviews for each service on a variety of platforms online. Make sure you choose a service which has a proven track record of delivering good services, especially for the kind of blinds that you have. You do not want to risk your expensive blinds getting damaged by inexperienced cleaners.

How to find reliable blind cleaners?

Word of mouth
Getting recommendations from trusted friends or family members is always a great way to find good services. Your friends and family members will know the type of service that you like and need and can recommend local cleaners that did a good job for them.

Internet resources
There are many internet sites and blogs that review cleaners and can help you pick the right one. Sites like Google Reviews and Yelp can help you get a sense of the overall reputation of a cleaner. Some bloggers who work in the niche of homemaking and home cleaning may also have written articles online which you can read for recommendations.

Ask the business you bought your blinds from
The shop that sold you the blinds may have their own cleaning services that can come over to your house and clean your blinds. Getting the dealer to clean your blinds may be more expensive but you will have peace of mind knowing that they know all about the product as they sold it and they will leave your blinds undamaged and clean. They may also be able to recommend other services that can reliably clean your blinds.

Do your research and spend some time looking around for the best cleaners you can find. This will help you avoid any problems in the future. With some luck, you will be able to find a cleaning service that you can keep calling time after time and form a good relationship with. They will be able to keep your blinds clean and maintained for years and may even have a personal stake in their cleanliness. As a last resort, you can always try to clean the blinds yourself, but professionals will always do a better job.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

What Are The Best Kept Secets About Sofa Cleaning?

Sofas are the most basic furniture found in almost every house. Though they are common-need, it does not make them any less expensive. We decorate our living rooms with some of the most expensive and luxurious sofas and love the compliments that come along. But over time due to regular usage, these sofas start becoming dirty and require to be cleaned. Irrespective of how expensive or inexpensive a sofa is, or the material it is made up of, it is very important to clean it regularly to keep it looking new for long. Presented below are some of the best kept secrets about sofa cleaning that one must follow to keep their sofas sparkling new.

Sofa cleaning is highly dependent on the material it is made up of. There are different ways to clean sofas of different material and it essential to follow the cleaning procedure for the specific sofa. Mixing up methods can negatively impact the sofa and lead to the fabric getting spoilt. For cleaning leather sofas at home, the following method can be used.

· Leather sofas can be cleaned by using a soft brush vacuum cleaner.

· As the next step, mix equal parts of white vinegar and water to create a sofa cleaning solution. Dip a soft cloth in squeeze out water from it. Use this damp cloth to wipe the leather sofa by rinsing it with the cleaning solution as and when required.

· Use a dry towel to wipe the sofa afterwards. Any kind of dryer can dehydrate the leather and should hence be avoided.

To add the extra shine to your leather sofa, a conditioner can be created at home by mixing one part of white vinegar to two parts of linseed or flax oil. This mixture should be applied to your leather sofa using a clean cloth and left overnight. Next morning, the sofa should be wiped with a clean towel to remove any oil and the sofa is becomes sparkling clean. In case you are worried about the leather quality of your sofa and are not sure if this cleaning procedure is apt for it, test the cleaning method on an inconspicuous part of your sofa before using it on the entire sofa set.

Sometimes, there are some stubborn stains on your leather sofa that can make the sofa look dirty even after cleaning. Some hacks that can help remove these stains and keep the sofa looking clean are –

· If there are any marker stains on your leather sofa, aerosol hairspray can be sprayed on the marks and left for a couple of minutes. Wiping with a clean cotton cloth can help remove the marker stains

· If there are ball point pen scribbles on the sofa, they can be cleaned by rubbing it with eucalyptus oil and then wiping clean with cotton cloth.

· Rubbing alcohol is a great cleaner for stains on your sofa. Wiping the sofa clean with a cotton or piece of cloth dipped and dampened with rubbing alcohol can remove some very stubborn stains.

· If there are very dark coloured stains whose colour needs to be lightened, mix equal parts of cream of tartar and lemon juice and apply it to the stain. Rub it clean after about ten minutes to reduce the colouring.

· If there are grease stains on leather sofa, sprinkle some corn starch on it and leave for three to four hours. Wipe clean to get rid of the grease. Alternately, baking soda can be used if corn starch is not available.

If your sofa is made up of microfiber, there is a different procedure that is required to clean it. Before beginning to clean your microfiber sofa, it is essential to check the fibre tag on it. If it reads S, it means that the fibre can be cleaned using solvents. If it reads W then it means that water can be used to clean the fibre. WS means that either water or solvents can be used. X indicates that the fabric should only be vacuum cleaned. No liquids should be used on such sofas.

- Microfiber sofas should be cleaned using vacuum cleaners after removing the cushions

- Damp a microfiber cloth of preferably white colour or the same colour as that of sofa. Use it to wipe the entire sofa to clean the surface. Using a cloth of any other colour can lead to the cloth leaving its colour on the sofa, leading to stains.

- If there are any stains on the sofa, spray clear alcohol or rubbing alcohol on them and rub them clean using a soft cotton cloth or scrub sponge. Unlike water, the alcohol evaporates without leaving any marks.

- If your sofa has a tag of W then even water with soap can be used to clean stains.

- The sofa can be dried using a dryer.

- The surface of the sofa can be scrubbed one last time using a clean scrub brush to fluff the microfiber back.

For stubborn stains on the microfiber sofas, the following cleaning tips can be handy.

- Distilled water can also be used to remove stains from microfiber sofas.

- Pet hairs can be cleaned from the sofa by wearing rubber gloves and rubbing your hands gently on the sofa. All the hair would stick to the glove and separate out from the sofa.

- Aerosol sprays or nail paint remover can be used in case of nail paint stains

- To remove a chewing gum that is stuck to the sofa, rub ice on it. Rubbing ice hardens the gum making it easier to peel.

- If there are urine or vomit stains, mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and spray on the stain. Scrub with scrub sponge. To get rid the smell, baking soda can be sprinkled on the area and left overnight. Vacuum cleaning in the morning will remove the smell too.

It is not possible to avoid our sofas from getting dirty. However, with proper care and cleaning, we can keep them looking new, clean and fresh for long. Use the tips above to make sofa cleaning a simple, easy and inexpensive process at home.