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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How To Clean Your Curtain Before The New Year

Having curtains in the house is indeed an essential aspect of cleanliness in any home. In addition to improving the privacy of your house, curtains add to the overall aesthetic value of the house. If you’d like your curtains to look absolutely clean and fresh before the New Year, then it would be wise to make certain that your curtains are regularly cleaned.

Curtains in Singapore (and globally) are often manufactured using different kinds of materials. Consequently, different cleaning approaches ought to be utilized based on the specific material utilized in making the purported curtains. Note that if curtains aren’t cleaned appropriately, it’s easy to alter their original color and shape.

Curtain Cleaning Preparation
Prior to cleaning your curtain, you’re advised to go through all the instructions that are often provided on the back side of your curtain. Should you find a label that indicates that the curtain ought to be dry cleaned, make sure you take it to the nearest professional curtain cleaner.

A reputable curtain cleaning firm ensures that your curtain is free from stubborn stains, odors and molds. Similarly, the company will guarantee that the curtain doesn’t lose its original shape as well as colors.

It’s always ideal to wash your curtain at least two times in a year, preferably in the warm weather. This is the time when it’s easy for you to wash your curtains and dry them in a single day. Nevertheless, avoid exposing your curtains in direct sunlight as it may cause their colors to fade away.

Choosing the right treatment
Prior to cleaning the curtains, always ensure that you’ve checked the label to determine the correct treatment. Remember, a number of curtains are made of fabrics and materials that make cleaning a little tricky. Curtains can equally be compromised by a wrong sort of wash.

Similarly, some curtains tend to be sun-rotted, meaning that they can’t be washed. There are those curtains that are machine washable, although others are not. It’s always essential to check the curtain label, because it will help you to figure out the right treatment prior to starting the wash.

Check the fabric 
Checking the fabric of your curtains is equally crucial, as this will help determine whether it’s heavy or light. For curtains that boast light fabric, such as cotton or silk, a gentle shake is apparently enough to keep them clean and fresh. You may also choose to vacuum your curtains to keep them clean and dirt free.

Before you choose any cleaning method to wash your curtains, make sure you’ve checked the attached tag for info concerning the best cleaning process. Always opt for the best cleaning method that suits the specific fabric of your curtain.
The kind of fabric for your curtain will determine whether or not, the curtain can be washed by using a washing machine. A washing machine often works best and executes outstanding results with lightweight curtains, but not with heavy weight materials that typically retain water.

Some fabrics will also require special care and attention, especially when placed in the washing machine for cleaning purposes. For instance, a delicate cotton often shrinks in hot water. Nevertheless, if you find that the fabrics of your curtains are machine washable; clean them in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer. Don’t overload your machine, though. Clearly note that overloading the machine can easily damage your curtains as well as the washing machine.

Cleaning options for curtain cleaning, new year

1. Using the washing machine 
Depending on the specific material of the curtains, you can simply clean them by using a washing machine. Here’s what you should know:

- If the machine boasts a delicate cycle, ensure that you use it; otherwise, make sure to opt for a cool wash, preferably with a rather slow spin.

- You can use your ordinary laundry detergent. It’s absolutely fine.

- If you’re particularly concerned about the curtain material shrinking, do not risk placing them in the washing machine. You should hand wash your curtains instead.

A washing machine works best when it comes to cleaning lightweight curtains, but not with heavy materials. To avoid any confusion, always make sure you read and understand the label on the curtains prior to laundering them.

2. Hand wash curtains 
Hand washing the curtains can at times be the safest option available. When hand washing your curtains, here’s what you should understand:

- You may either utilize the soap or a regular laundry detergent. However, the soap that you use should specifically be designed or intended for hand washing delicate fabrics. Choosing a gentle soap is ideal because it will help you avoid causing severe damages to the materials.

- Strictly follow the guidelines on your preferred product to hand-wash your curtains. Remember, different products need different concentrations.

Hand washing the curtains can be a greater chore than simply placing them in the machine. Nonetheless, it’s probably the best solution for those who wish to minimize the risk of shrinking. It’s likewise the best option for delicate materials—including 100% cotton. It’s imperative to avoid hand washing heavy materials because it’s hard and tricky to drip all the water, delaying the drying time.

3. Steam cleaning curtains 
One of the most convenient processes of curtain cleaning is using a flawless quality steamer, especially the one that boasts a decent upholstery attachment.

- Make sure to start right from the top, working way down toward the bottom of your curtain.

- If the material becomes wet in the process, hold your appliance a few meters away from your curtain.

- Pay a close attention whenever you’re trying to use a steam cleaner. It’s impeccable to read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions prior to using it. Keeping in mind that steam can easily burn you, always ensure that you have suitable protective clothing with you.

It goes without any doubt that steam cleaning is a tremendous option for cleaning curtains with heavy materials. Additionally, this method is best for those curtains that are basically tricky when it comes to taking them down from the rail.

Drying the curtains after curtain cleaning, new year
Do not be tempted to place your wet curtains in the dryer. This is because the tumbling motion often causes stubborn creases (which are difficult to remove) to appear on your curtains. Removing these creases isn’t a walk in the park—even a hot iron can’t simply eliminate them.

The best possible approach of drying the curtains is hanging them outside. Avoid hanging your curtains in direct sunlight, though. Drying them in a direct sunlight may result in bleaching.

If possible, place your washed curtains in a certain breezy place and allow them to dry naturally in their hanging position. This hanging position is essential for creases to easily fall out. Lastly, always give your cleaned curtains a quick iron afterwards to make them look fresh and brand new. Kindly follow these guidelines whenever you need to accomplish a perfect curtain cleaning for the new year in Singapore.